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It works “shockingly well.”
Someone once told me that only two things matter when you’re trying to look put-together: your shoes and your hair. While online shopping makes finding the perfect footwear a no-brainer, managing your mane is much more complicated, especially for those who deal with thinning scalps.
Esther Olu, a cosmetic chemist, previously explained to Shape, “Factors that can affect hair growth or loss are genetic predisposition, diet, stress, and more.” Because hair loss can arise from a number of factors, treating a thinning mane can be tricky. While the only way to truly determine how well a product will work for your mane is to try it for yourself, a great indicator of a formula’s efficacy is a slew of positive reviews from shoppers struggling with similar issues.
Take the more than 3,000 perfect ratings the Luv Me Care Biotin Hair Growth Oil has garnered, for instance. In addition to leaving strands smooth and shiny (thanks to the addition of nourishing coconut oil), several reviewers say this lightweight oil has noticeably thickened their hair. The star ingredient, pea sprout extract, minimizes shedding, meanwhile, caffeine increases blood circulation to the follicles, while castor oil strengthens strands to prevent breakage. The formula also includes rosemary oil, which dermatologists suggest blocks DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss. (BTW: The brand behind Amazon’s best-selling lash serum made a hair treatment that adds “inches” to strands.)
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One reviewer saw a “drastic improvement in hair thickness” after using the oil for five months. Another fan noticed “shockingly good results” after just “three weeks of inconsistent use,” and added that after losing much of their hair to COVID-19, this formula helped their mane rebound in “the fastest amount of time.” A third shopper raved that the oil made their hair look and feel “thicker, fuller, and healthier” without leaving a greasy coat. (Pssst: I only wash my hair twice a week thanks to this dry shampoo.)
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'This made my hair thick,' wrote one of 15,600 fans of the Amazon No. 1 bestseller.
The best hair brushes to prevent breakage and provide growth for fine, thick, frizzy, and long hair are highly recommended by stylists and the least damaging. A hair brush is like the trusty old coffee maker you’ve had since freshman year of college.
“A soft, seamless blend.”
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Two is better than one.


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