Kolmar Korea Discovers Microbiome-Androgenic Hair Loss … – BusinessKorea

Kolmar Korea announced on Jan. 19 that its research on correlations between androgenic hair loss and intestinal and scalp microbiomes has been published in the Frontiers in Microbiology journal.
Androgenic hair loss is one of the most frequent types of hair loss and is characterized by hair becoming thin. The publication is the world’s first on the topic.
In the research process, the company checked differences between microbiomes in female and male intestines and scalps and discovered that specific microbiome clusters are formed in the intestines and scalps in different progression stages, not to mention the clusters having to do with the presence or absence of hair loss.
“In the presence of androgenic hair loss, the correlation between intestinal and scalp microbiomes is more complex than in the absence, which means the microbiomes are a factor that can affect androgenic hair loss,” it explained, adding, “We are planning to develop hair protection cosmetics and anti-microbiome imbalance substances based on the research.”


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