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Carlton G. McPeak
Living Gods Way
Carlton G. McPeak
Living Gods Way
Everyone will face difficulties in their life. Rather than forsaking or giving up on God’s word, the author of the eleventh stanza of Psalm 119 (verses 81-88) describes how he will remain faithful to God’s word during the difficulties of his life.
He speaks of his failing eyesight. Metaphorically he describes his old age as being like “a wineskin in the smoke.” He expresses his feelings towards the “arrogant” who have “dug pits” for him, “persecuted” him and “almost destroyed” him. During all of these difficulties, the psalmist wants God to “revive” him so he can remain faithful to God.
The poet gives some possible answers to the question, “How can one remain faithful during such difficult times?”
He says his “soul languishes for Your salvation; I wait for Your word.” He is totally consumed with the anticipation of the salvation God will provide; possibly both physical as well as spiritual. He could be asking God to allow him to die and to allow him to begin living with God eternally.
He remains faithful because of his confidence in knowing God will one day “execute judgment on those who persecute” him. Those whom he defines as “men who are not in accord with [God’s] law,” the “arrogant.” Those who have “persecuted [him] with a lie.” Those who have “almost destroyed” him.
His strong inner trust in God’s word comes because of his hope and expectation he has learned from God’s word. His trust is intensified because of his life’s experiences of not forgetting God’s statutes, not forsaking God’s precepts, keeping “the testimonies of [God’s] mouth” and realizing that all of God’s “commandments are faithful.”
By saying he will “wait,” he acknowledges his submission to God’s timing and not God to his timing. He asks God “when” will you “comfort me” and “execute judgment.” He petitions God to “revive” him. While not knowing the “when,” he is not discouraged. He knows God can be trusted. He admits it is God’s decision, not his decision.
This section of Psalm 119 emphasizes how one can remain faithful to God regardless of their difficulties in life. It is a great encouragement to Christians to remain faithful to God’s word all the days of their life.
Eventually all of us will grow old, our eyesight will fail, our skin will wrinkle. However, Christians should never be discouraged by the difficulties in their life.
Christians should consider this life’s difficulties as minor inconveniences, because they are focused on preparing for eternal life with God. They understand God’s lovingkindness and that He cares for them. Therefore, regardless of what happens in their life, Christians will always remain faithful to living God’s way.
Carlton G. McPeak ([email protected]) is an evangelist working in the Florida Gateway region. Scriptural quotations from the NASB.
Carlton G. McPeak
Living Gods Way
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