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Image: SiLC
SiLC Technologies has launched the Eyeonic Vision System. This system is a frequency-modulated continuous wave lidar solution, which delivers high levels of vision perception to identify and avoid objects with low latency.
At the core of the Eyeonic Vision System is SiLC’s fully integrated silicon photonics chip. It provides more definition and precision than legacy lidar solutions, with roughly 10 milli-degree of angular resolution coupled with millimeter-level precision. These features enable this solution to measure the shape and distance of objects with high-precision and at a large distance.
The system combines the Eyeonic Vision Sensor and a digital processing solution based on a powerful field-programmable gate array. The flexible architecture enables synchronization of multiple vision sensors for unlimited points per second.
SiLC demonstrated the Eyeonic Vision System at CES 2023. It was named by the CES award committee as an honoree for the CES Innovation Award.
The compact, powerful, vision solution is suitable for autonomous vehicles, smart cameras, robotics and other advanced products. It is available now. Pricing varies depending on configuration.
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