Ricki Lake shares ‘raw’ video of her shaving her head – HOLA! USA

Ricki Lake is inspiring women to reclaim their hair loss. On Saturday, the host shared an intimate video taken three years ago on New Years Eve, as she shaved her head with an electric razor.
She revealed that she has been struggling “in secret” with androgenic hair loss. “3 years ago today, on the afternoon of New Year’s eve day 2019, I took a brave ass leap of faith and chose to make the drastic decision to shave my head after years and years of struggling,” she wrote.
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Lake had never shared the “raw video footage.” She said she felt like she wanted to now, for those who followed her story. “Some of you know my struggle all too well personally and I want you to know, I truly feel you,” she continued. “In this video, you can see me come to a place of peace, liberation, and most importantly, self-love and self-acceptance.”
As the hair left her head, Lake smiled and laughed with her friends who hyped her up and said how “dope” and “sick” she looked. “It looks better babe,” said one friend, comparing her to Sinead O Conner. It was appreciated by Lake who reflected there years later, “I will never forget your support, love kindness, and humor.”
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Three years later, she wrote, “I can honestly say I appreciate and love my natural gray and sometimes wild unruly head of hair.” She went on to tell her 257k followers, “May all of you struggling with whatever also come to a place of peace and acceptance. Life is too damn short.”
Androgenic Alopecia is male or female pattern baldness, which is permanent hairloss. For women, thinning occurs on the top and crown of the head while for men, it’s usually the top and front of the head. It’s something a lot of women have to deal with. According to NCBI, it affects approximately 40% of women by age 50.
Lake has always been candid with her struggles and inspired many with her strength. She recently revealed the tattoo she got in honor of her late ex-husband, Christian Evans, who died by suicide in 2017. The couple was married from 2012-2015.
She is now married to Ross Burningham, and they celebrated their anniversary two days ago. “We are magic. Here we are in our mid 50’s, our 6 kids grown and out of the house and we feel like kids ourselves. Every night is a sleepover and each sunset together on our sacred land is one to celebrate and have reverence for,” she wrote in a lengthy caption. Aw!

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