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Here are the top stories in Mooresville today:
1. Iredell County’s HealthReach Community Clinic hosted the ‘Vision Van’ to bring to local communities free vision and hearing screening; for some patients, it was their first ever! The North Carolina Lions, Inc. Mobile Vision Screening Unit, otherwise known as the Vision Van, pulled into the parking lot at the HealthReach Clinic earlier this month—one stop on the van’s trip around North Carolina. Eye diseases and disorders such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are among the leading causes of blindness and low vision in the United States, and individuals without eye care insurance are at an increased risk for eye diseases and disorders. Access to affordable screenings can be difficult to come buy, but for 42 pairs of eyes and 33 sets of ears, the six-hour Vision Van event provided that much-needed care at no cost to visitors.
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2. Mooresville’s own Amanda Race is spread an important message: “Do something small every day to make a change.” Race is encouraging others to approach life with this mantra in mind, hoping to impact societal change and those suffering from issues of mental health and thoughts of suicide. Race took up her journey against suicide prevention, in particular military suicide, when her oldest son joined the U.S. Marine Corps and began exhibiting behavioral changes. Race has dedicated to her life to suicide prevention education and research, hoping her work and encouragement can help other individuals, friends, and families get through the tough stuff. You can read more about Amanda Race and why she does the work she does at the link below.
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3. Seven people were evacuated from a house-fire in the Cherry Grove neighborhood yesterday afternoon. The fire started in a two-story home in the 100 block of Pink Orchard Drive, but officials have not yet released information about what caused the blaze. The Mooresville Fire Department was called to the scene and the fire has since been put under control; although as of last night, a few firefighters lingered to put out a handful of stubborn hotspots. All seven people were evacuated safely from the house, and now injuries have been reported.
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