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Syed Balkhi is on a mission to level the playing field for small businesses. 19+ million websites use his software to grow and compete with the big guys. 100+ million people read his blogs every year to grow their website traffic, sales, & conversion

Every business today wants to boost its visibility on search engines so that it can attract relevant organic traffic.
But do you know that there are several factors that Google and other search engines take into account before placing you in search results?
One of them is whether or not your website is accessible. So now, what does being accessible mean?
Website accessibility is the ability for a website to be accessed by anyone, regardless of physical or technological barriers.
This also includes making your website available to those with disabilities, such as sight or hearing impairments, as well as to those using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
When you optimize your website for accessibility, you also ensure that it’s accessible to those with slow internet connections or limited bandwidth.
But making your website accessible to all isn’t helpful only for boosting your search rankings. It also has several other benefits. Let’s look at some of them.
Now you can benefit in various other ways by optimizing your website for accessibility. Here are some of them.
By making your website accessible, you are able to reach a larger audience. All accessible websites have better reach because they are designed to be used by all people, regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive abilities.
So by making a website more accessible, it can be used by more people, allowing for a larger reach and audience. And, of course, accessible websites tend to have higher search engine rankings, which further increases the website's reach.
Accessible websites typically have better conversions because they are more user-friendly and provide a better overall experience for users.
By making websites more accessible, you ensure that people with a range of abilities, including those with disabilities, can easily access your content and use the website in general.
This can lead to better user engagement, more website traffic, and improved conversion rates.
Additionally, by improving website accessibility, businesses can open their doors to a wider audience, including people with disabilities, that may not have been actively targeted in the past.
Making your website accessible can also help you reduce the risk of legal action. Accessible websites are designed to comply with international standards regarding accessibility.
This means that they have been designed with the goal of ensuring that anyone, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities, can access and use the website.
If you fail to make your website accessible, you can be held liable for discrimination. So be safe by making it accessible.
Let’s now check out how to optimize your website for accessibility.
You can make your website accessible by using text-based navigation systems on it. This can help people with visual impairments, or other disabilities understand the layout of your website more easily.
These navigation systems allow users to navigate through a website using only text commands instead of relying on a visual interface. To implement a text-based navigation system on your website, you need to create a text-based menu of all the possible destination pages.
The menu should include a description of each page so users can understand where they’re going. Then, you need to set up a script on your website that will allow users to type in commands to navigate. You can also develop a system that provides automated responses based on the user’s input.
Once the system is in place, you should test it to make sure it is working correctly. You should also provide clear instructions on how users can use the system. Don't forget to use language that is accessible and easy to understand.
Another way to make your website accessible is to use descriptive link text. Make sure that any hyperlinks are written as meaningful phrases that accurately describe the content they are linking to.
For example, instead of using a generic link such as “click here” or “more info”, use a phrase that clearly describes the content you are linking to, such as “read our latest blog post” or “view our contact information”. This will help make your website more accessible to screen readers and other assistive technologies, as well as provide a better experience for all users who visit your website.
Headings give your website content a structure. It makes your content scannable so that your users are able to extract the most important information from the site.
So use your headings properly so that it accurately describes the content that follows. You should also consider organizing your headings in a logical and meaningful way. This can help clarify the page’s structure and make it easier to navigate.
It’s also important to know that headings come in six levels (H1 to H6). Use them in the correct order, with the main heading (H1) at the top of the page and the lower-level headings (H2 to H6) following in order.
Make sure the color contrast between headings and the background is sufficient for people with low vision to read. You can use a color contrast checker to test this.
These are some of the ways you can make your website more accessible. We hope you found this post helpful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Syed Balkhi is on a mission to level the playing field for small businesses. 19+ million websites use his software to grow and compete with the big guys. 100+ million people read his blogs every year to grow their website traffic, sales, & conversion
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