Harry mocks William’s hair but Harry will be bald very soon, says SPENCER STEVENSON – Express

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Yet clearly Harry is also experiencing Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) too… and in a very aggressive manner.
This is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black – people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – because Harry is clearly losing his hair and he’s not far behind his brother. And unless he acts fast he will soon be bald too. 
I deal with many LA clients, celebrity hairdressers and celebrity patients and know they’ve got his ear on this topic.

Willy and Harry could both have avoided balding by intervening early on in the thinning process by using proven hair loss medication such as finasteride medication and hair loss prevention treatment such as GroMD shampoo.

The speculation with Harry‘s hair continues that he’s possibly had a hair transplant, but this is not the case in my expert opinion.
Largely because he’s clearly still very much thinning and it’s evident he is wearing concealer such as Nanogen fibres to thicken up the appearance of his hair for photo shoots. It’s very evident in the recent “People” magazine front cover. He’s done a Beckham for the cameras.
Prince Harry

“Let’s face it, in his new book Spare Harry has his hair fully cropped on the front cover. That’s no coincidence” said Spencer Kobren, the Founder of the American Hair Loss Association, on The Bald Truth UK radio show. 
He added: “Outing someone over their hair loss is the last bastion of political incorrectness.”
Harry’s clearly losing his hair in the exact same manner as his brother and many of other royal family members.
So he needs to be very careful not to look even more foolish by drawing attention to his brother’s hair, as he’s going to be completely bald too very soon.

He will likely realise alongside the pressure of being in the public eye that a hair transplant with an IAHRS.org surgeon isn’t too far away if he wants to keep the attacks up regarding William’s hair and not have any further egg on his face.

I have gone on record before in the media that in order to maintain and preserve what he’s got he must act fast. 
The attacks he’s made on William are incredibly rich and inappropriate considering he suffered from the same issue and time will tell, but it’s clear Harry is going to be royally bald unless he does something about it soon.

Spencer Stevenson is a leading hair loss and hair transplant expert from Spexhair.com
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