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Hair extensions but not as you know them.
With everything from Covid, to stress, to post-pregnancy leading to possible hair loss and thinning, we’re looking to more and more treatments to help us achieve thicker hair. But, what’s out there can often feel limited. Between daily supplements that may or may not work, and a host of scalp scrubs, serums and lotions that add ever more products to your daily routine with no guarantee of results, the options available often don’t quite cut it (pardon the pun).
Which is where ‘hair filler’ comes in. Entirely needle free, ‘hair fillers’ are a world away from injectables for your lengths. An in-salon hair extension treatment that leaves you with plushy, celebrity-worthy strands instantly, ‘hair filler’ is the latest way to get your thickest hair ever.
Intrigued? Below, hairstylist, extension specialist and ‘hair filler’ pioneer, Hadley Yates, explains all about the innovative salon treatment…
‘Hair filler treatment is still a hair extension service, but it uses small amounts of hair in the areas needed to fill in areas of the hair that aren’t as thick, rather than adding length.’
In short, the treatment uses hair extensions to make your hair thicker, rather than longer, so it looks like your hair but with a celebrity upgrade.
‘Hair fillers can be used in a few ways:
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‘First, we have a consultation to determine what the clients needs from hair fillers, the area they want to address and to match the colour of the extensions with their own hair colour. We also ask our clients to bring a photo of them when they were most happiest with their hair.
‘Then we wash the hair with a deep cleanser to make sure the scalp and hair is free of products and oils. Next, the hair filler extensions are attached by using a heated machine which melts the keratin bonds around the hair.
‘Once all the sections of hair are added, we cut and blend and style the hair fillers.’
‘The treatment takes around an hour and a half.’
‘The treatment costs from £350 depending on the amount of hair needed to achieve a good result, but for most people this is £350.
‘Hair fillers last three to four months depending on the client’s lifestyle, for example if they swim a lot it will weaken the bonds’ lifespan due to chlorine and salt water.’
Other key points to note for ‘hair filler’ after care are:
‘The hair fillers are removed using an oil-based product which allows us to soften the extensions and then use pliers to open the bonds and slide the fillers off. Because the hair fillers are cut so fine and are custom to the client, to avoid any damage to the hair we use new ones every time.’


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