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Disney+’s Willow is dealing with evil dynasties in Season 1 and the potential to be redeemed in a much better way than Star Wars’ Palpatine fiasco.
The following contains spoilers for Willow Season 1, Episode 7, "Chapter VII: Beyond the Shattered Sea," now streaming on Disney+.
As the Willow TV series continues, it expands on George Lucas' vision for the property to be a magical version of Star Wars. The beloved 1988 Willow film initially had rebels hiding the Chosen One in Elora Danan, and then fighting off the evil Queen Bavmorda, nodding to how people have been battling Emperor Palpatine's forces in both Star Wars trilogies. Thankfully, with Disney+ charting out a show, Willow is deconstructing the old and new generation of characters in great detail.
The Willow series improves clichés, carbon-copies and bad tropes, which is why audiences are enjoying shocking twists such as Graydon being a Finn-like hero, and Willow struggling to become the medieval equivalent of Luke Skywalker. Interestingly, Season 1 has another Star Wars parallel with Jade that nods to the legacy of villains. It's quite similar to Rey's Palpatine narrative, but in this case, Willow pulls the arc off much better.
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The new Star Wars movies hinged on identity, with Luke adamant someone's lineage didn't have to define them. It's the reason he wanted to help Rey move past being Palpatine's grandchild, turn down the lure of the Dark Side, and show the galaxy she could harness the Light. Unfortunately, she quickly dropped all connections to her dynasty and renamed herself a Skywalker, not caring about where her roots lie.
The conclusion of Rey's storyline was counterintuitive to the message of the film, which centered on anyone using the Force. But as Rey dictated, only those linked to Skywalkers were meant to carry heroic mantles. This felt underwhelming and awfully-executed. It also turned out to be a gravely wasted opportunity. In the same way Luke made the Skywalker name heroic after Anakin ruined it and became Darth Vader, Rey could have owned Palpatine's name, redeemed it and shown the galaxy it could bring hope, not just tragedy.
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Willow stuns fans in Season 1 by revealing Jade is actually Kael's daughter. Kael was a Bone Reaver and warlord Queen Bavmorda used in the movie to find Elora, and while he appeared as a wraith at Nockmaar in the show, no one expected him to have a link to Kit's current team. All fans thought was that Jade was Kit's love interest, meant to help her get the corrupted Prince Airk back from the evil Crone at Immemorial City.
But, as Scorpia (the Reavers' leader) reveals to Jade they're sisters, there's a nuanced conversation regarding their destinies. Scorpia admits the Reavers are oppressed people from across many kingdoms who hate the elite, ending up being part of terrorist groups like the Crone's. It speaks to the real-world issue of impoverished pockets of society, mistreated by politicians, turning to crime. Notably, Jade is optimistic they can fix the problem with realms such as Tir Asleen, steadfast in wanting to elevate social equality once her royal mission is done.
She has no plans to abandon her people, and wants the world to know a descendant of Kael is trying to restore order across the land. Jade is so inspiring, Scorpia even helps Kit and her group against the Skellin trolls, illustrating how unity can be achieved with Willow's version of Stormtroopers. This leaves Kit and the others grateful to clear the Reavers' name and show all kingdoms, they can be family, too. Ultimately, this is what Rey should have done — embrace her past instead of scrubbing or running from it. Admittedly, it's a learning curve for Disney, which now has audiences glad Jade is setting the much better example when it comes to second chances and turning bad symbols into something positive.
Willow's Season 1 finale airs Jan. 11 on Disney+.
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