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Following the end of Naruto Shippuden, fans of the franchise were excited by the prospect of a sequel series based on the main character Naruto’s son Boruto. It is interesting for one to see new characters inherit the features of their favorite characters, just like in the case of the Dragon Ball franchise, where one can easily spot the resemblances between Goku and his sons Gohan and Goten.
Similarly, when the characters from Boruto were revealed, fans were excited to see the new generation of Shinobi. They were able to notice similarities between the characters and their parents, as Boruto and his sister Himawari resembled Naruto and Hinata.
However, that was not the case for Sarada Uchiha, as she not only looked dissimilar to her mother Sakura but also wore glasses, something quite unusual within the Uchiha clan.
While the Boruto community has long joked that Sarada needs glasses because her mother’s genes were so weak that they ruined her eyesight, this is far from the truth.
Sarada has needed glasses to correct her vision since she was a small child, according to the story in Boruto. When Sarada was young, she developed a high fever, during which Sasuke had gone off on a mission to collect information on the Otsutsuki. While Sakura took care of her daughter during her illness, the fever had long-term consequences, causing Sarada’s eyesight to deteriorate.
Thus, at a time of need, Karin decided to help out Sakura by sending over a pair of glasses for Sarada’s blurred vision. She wore these glasses for years, as it eventually led to her doubting if Karin was her actual mother due to a picture she had seen of her father with her.
This in itself caused havoc as Sarada ran away from Sakura in search of her father and “real” mother Karin. However, by the end of the arc, Sarada did manage to meet her father after a long time. At that point, she learned that Karin had given her the glasses only because her illness had harmed her eyes.
As for the cause of her fever itself, it was revealed that Sarada had the fever because she developed her Sharingan at a young age due to abandonment trauma. This caused her fever to target her sensitive eyes, eventually resulting in impaired eyesight and the need for corrective lenses.
It was later revealed that Sarada wore glasses in the series because the mangaka of the original series, Masashi Kishimoto, thought it would be interesting. The glasses were apparently only added for aesthetic purposes. This was Kishimoto’s way of making Sarada look extra cute whenever she removed her glasses.
Several fans, however, believe that the mangaka is working on a better backstory for Sarada’s poor eyesight, as they have come up with numerous theories, none of which have yet been proven correct.
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