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Yalda’s innovative Eat Burn Sleep programme can help achieve weight loss that stands the test of time
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The Sunday Express has teamed up with celebrity nutritionist Yalda Alaoui to bring you a unique 10-step reset for your health and wellbeing.
Yalda’s innovative Eat Burn Sleep programme, can help retune your gut flora, help lower chronic inflammation levels and achieve weight loss that stands the test of time.
Yalda believes you are what you eat and by cutting processed foods, eating a healthy nutrient-dense diet, moving more, sleeping well and reducing stress, we can all live well.
The lifestyle allows you to enjoy treats, such as wine and comfort foods, and have a normal social life. Yalda doesn’t advocate a perfectionist mindset.
Followers of Yalda’s holistic method have been helped with serious inflammatory health conditions such as ulcerative colitis and skin complaints.
Inflammation is a silent epidemic which experts believe can be fuelled by the modern western diet.
Yalda believes we can all live well eating a healthy nutrient-dense diet, moving more and sleeping well
It is estimated that up to 80 per cent of the body’s immune cells are located in the gut.
She believes an ideal weight is not just about looking good, it’s about improving hormones, blood markers and reducing visceral fat levels.
Yalda, a qualified nutritionist, started developing the Eat, Burn, Sleep (EBS) lifestyle after she was diagnosed with two serious auto-immune diseases – Ulcerative Colitis and Auto-Immune Haemolytic Anaemia.
She credits EBS with making her healthier than she has ever been.
Having a daily meditation practice will help reduce cortisol and  improve mental wellbeing
Yalda now collaborates with medical professionals worldwide who consider her an authority in this area.
Yalda said: “Every disease you can think of is connected to chronic inflammation, from cancer to diabetes to arthritis.
“It became obvious that an anti-inflammatory diet could help not just me, but so many other people.
“You can’t outsource health – you have to work at it, the same way we work at so many other things in our life.
“I am passionate about Eat, Burn, Sleep – and I know so many people could benefit.”
This year, give your body the ten-step reset. Reboot, rewire, relax, and enjoy the results.
A key step to achieving your 2023 gut health transformation is to avoid additives as often as possible. These nasty chemicals, used by the food industry to extend shelf life and maximise profits, are an increasing blight on the western diet.
Studies have shown additives cause gut inflammation and obesity. Scrutinise food labels and ask the right questions.
Our two main hunger-controlling hormones, ghrelin and leptin, are very much influenced by the quality of our rest.
Sleep deprivation makes the level of ghrelin, the hormone that makes us feel hungry, rise by 15 per cent.
At the same time, poor sleep also causes our levels of leptin, the hormone that sends a signal to our brains to stop eating, to fall by just over the same amount. In other words, a lack of sleep will make you hungrier and more prone to gaining weight. A lack of sleep has
also been linked to an elevated blood sugar response from foods. Prioritise a healthy sleeping pattern and your tum will thank you for it.
Walking is a fantastic way to reduce inflammation and shed fat.
It is the most underrated form of exercise and boasts a host of adv-antages over higher impact exercise regimes. Walking is our ancestral way of moving, allowings us to reduce inflammation and cortisol levels as well as to burn fat.
A 2022 analysis across 15 countries concluded that increasing our daily step count was associated with a lower risk of all causes of mortality.
To aid optimal rest be sure to put your digital screens away two hours before sleep
Social media is peppered with sexy workout posts, but don’t be fooled by all those impressive looking bodies.
What you see most on social media – high intensity, high impact exercise – can actually produce an inflammatory response from the body.
Intense exercise triggers muscle cell breakdown, and having higher inflammation in your body will prevent you from losing weight. If you have extra weight to lose, a focus on movement that isn’t inflammatory will help you reach your goal far more efficiently.
Looking properly at your food and then focusing on the act of eating itself – chewing well and with passion – allows for the full range of enzymes to be released in your mouth, and then for the optimum gastric juices to be released in your stomach and small intestine. This aids optimal digestion, better nutrient absorption, and enables you to reach satiety with less food – reducing bloating in the process.
Spending a fortune is not necessary if you want to achieve good gut health.
You do not need to follow gimmicky trends or spend a lot of money on supplements. Focus on unprocessed foods –
they contain more prebiotics and probiotics than expensive prepackaged products and support your gut health in the best way possible.
If you have weight to lose, let go of the guilt. It’s not your fault, your environment is the main culprit. Obesity is on the rise globally because we live increasingly inflammatory lifestyles. Guilt causes stress and a cortisol elevation in your body, promoting abdominal obesity.
Science is on our side, grateful prayer has been shown to instantly improve gut health. Having a daily meditation practice will help reduce cortisol, improve mental wellbeing, gut health, and reduce emotional eating. We happily take time to eat well and exercise, so don’t forget it is equally important to spend time on our emotional wellbeing.
The vagus nerve links the spine to the gastrointestinal tract. It is important to have good core muscles (both front and back) to support a healthy back and spine. This in turn supports gut health and weight loss.
Every day new research is coming to light demonstrating this remarkable link.
Include three 20-minute anti-inflammatory movement sessions per day to support your spine health.
Whenever we feel anxious, we tend to breathe using the upper part of the chest, a practice known as “shallow breathing”.
This, in turn, increases cortisol levels, promotes a blood sugar spike, and can ultimately lead to fat accumulation around the waist.
Being alert to our breathing can help us police these issues and reduce stress triggers.
● Visit: eatburnsleep.com
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