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In sequels like Return of the Jedi and Top Gun: Maverick, the main characters improve and become more likable, better fighters, and more mature.
Movie directors and screenwriters don’t always get it right when it comes to creating new characters at the beginning of franchises. However, some do make an effort to improve the characters in follow-up movies. As a result, audiences are sufficiently impressed by entertaining characters who didn't seem to have much potential.
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A number of factors contribute to these characters being better than their former selves, notably a change in personality, the acquisition of newer skills, better arcs, or better costume designs. Several movie characters are improved in a sequel.
James Cameron initially depicts Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 as a senseless machine that wants nothing more than to kill Sarah Connor. When he returns in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, T-800 has been reprogrammed and is now focused on protecting John Connor. This metamorphosis qualifies him as one of the iconic movie villains-turned-heroes.
Shifting to the good side makes T-800 a better character because he's more likable and fights well against the shapeshifting and hard-to-kill T-1000 antagonist. Additionally, T-800 has more memorable scenes in the sequel, notably the bike chase and his naked bar scene.
First introduced as The Man With No Name, Blondie sticks to only doing his job for the first two installments of the “Dollars Trilogy.” Fortunately, he comes alive in the third and more popular installment, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. There, he delivers witty one-liners and has several vulnerable moments.
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Instead of only being a no-nonsense bounty hunter, Blondie is also smarter and more understanding in The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. He realizes that he’ll need the help of his enemies to get the confederate gold that he is after. On top of that, his marksmanship skills are better, enabling him to take out opponents without any of the franticness of earlier installments.
In The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, fans get to witness two versions of Gandalf, First is Gandalf The Grey, who exercises restraint during fights and prefers to be the elderly wise man who advises young Hobbits. Then, there is the resurrected Gandalf The White, who has more powers and is a better fighter.
Gandalf is much more god-like in the sequel due to his white robe and telescopic eyesight that enables him to pierce the wraith realm. Much credit also goes to him for Sauron's defeat, as it’s his arrival in the final battle that shifts the odds in favor of the heroes.
Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, morphs from a sidekick in The First Avenger to a HYRDA-controlled baddie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In his new form, Bucky proves too strong for both Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff to handle.
A prosthetic arm, marksmanship skills, and expertise in fist-fighting all make Bucky the complete villain. What makes him even cooler is that he hardly speaks, simply preferring to cause as much destruction as possible. As such, he is at the center of the most entertaining Phase 2 fight scene when he almost kills Natasha.
News that Spectre’s Bond girl Madeleine Swann would appear again in No Time To Die was initially not well received. In Spectre, she had mostly been restricted to being a damsel in distress. Fortunately, her arc is richer in the follow-up.
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In her second outing, Swann establishes herself as Bond’s most distinctive love interest. The pair have a family, and Bond even sacrifices his life for her. She is at the center of the action and engages in heroic acts, such as shooting an enemy and blinding Safin’s henchman, Primo. She is also responsible for the death of the franchise’s overarching villain, Blofeld.
One of the coolest Star Wars characters is quite dull at first. However, when Luke finally gets out of his comfort zone at the Lars family moisture farm in Tattooine, he finally realizes his potential. Within a short time, he goes on to be a pilot, Jedi master, and the destroyer of the Death Star.
Previously depicted as a farm boy who couldn’t do much, it's commendable that Luke can achieve so much in just a single movie. From attempting to rescue Han Solo to severing Darth Vader’s prosthetic arm, the character keeps surprising fans. Also, by the time he gets to burn Vader’s armor, his legacy has already been cemented.
When Kay Adams is first introduced in The Godfather, she is a loyal fiancé who never questions anything Michael Corleone does. This changes when he becomes the boss of the family. In The Godfather: Part II, she keeps calling him out for his misdemeanors and eventually asks for a separation.
Though she doesn’t change Michael, Kay puts him on the path to redemption. It’s because of her constant reminders for him to go legitimate that he eventually chooses to do so. Kay also has many emotional moments in the sequel, like when she chooses to terminate a pregnancy.
The older Maverick in Top Gun: Maverick is more mature, skilled, and likable. In the sequel, Maverick shows a level of confidence, causing audiences to think the mistakes that led to Goose’s death would never occur again.
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Apart from doing nothing to annoy fans, Maverick plays both the teacher and head-of-mission roles, painting himself as more badass in the process. The US naval aviator’s human side improves, as he cracks jokes and shows genuine concern for the welfare of others.
For an astronaut who survived an alien attack that killed all her colleagues, the logical thing to do would be to never go back to space again. Interestingly, Ripley makes her way to Planet LV-426 in Aliens, eager to deal with the menace once and for all.
Ripley improved hugely in the sequel. This was proven when Sigourney Weaver was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, which hadn't featured an actor from a sci-fi movie before. Ripley’s combination of investigative skills and combat expertise is also the major reason that Aliens is considered one of the outstanding sci-fi movies of the ‘80s.
Just as is the case in the comics, Fox’s primary role when he is first introduced in Batman Begins is to supply Bruce Wayne with gadgets and costumes. In The Dark Knight, his job description is expanded. As such, he gets to be an advisor like Alfred and also a business manager.
Fox’s rapid character development makes sense because Bruce Wayne doesn’t need to replace his gadgets and costumes on a daily basis. Given how busy he is, what he really needs help with is managing Wayne Enterprises and running errands. Because the Bat-family members aren’t in the picture, Lucius Fox steps up.
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