DMACC’s Brent Rowe attains welding inspector certification –

Brent Rowe, DMACC VanKirk Career Academy instructor, recently attained certified welding inspector (CWI) certification through the American Welding Society, the academy announced Tuesday.
The CWI certification is one of the welding industry’s most widely recognized credentials.  Individuals must first meet minimum work experience and education requirements. Because of the visually intensive nature of welding, CWI applicants must also meet minimum eyesight requirements.
Once approved, applicants must pass a six-hour certification exam that includes assessment of fabrication, inspection, material and design components.
“We are proud of Brent’s commitment to becoming the best instructor he can because it will benefit his students,” said Eddie Diaz, VanKirk Career Academy director, “and we appreciate all the time and effort he put into meeting his goal. Brent is passionate about helping promote the trades to America’s youth.”
In addition to experience in welding, Rowe has a background in tool and die making, and he teaches industrial maintenance in the Applied Engineering Academy. He has 15 years of industry experience, ranging from use of CNC equipment, programming of robotic welding cells, and training in electro-mechanical equipment.
Rowe first obtained a DMACC job machinist diploma, and in 2007 he completed a DMACC associates in applied science degree in manufacturing technology.

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