Low Voter Turnout For NUS Referendum – York Vision

“Should YUSU remain affiliated to NUS UK?”, the students’ union has asked.
Only 300 students have voted in the NUS Referendum so far.
For the result to be valid, there needs to be at least 5% turnout. This means that 1000 more students need to vote by 5pm today in order for the quota to be met.
NUS UK is the political and campaigning arm of the National Union of Students, that exists to represent the views and interests of students.
Student participation in university-wide elections is usually low, with only 17.59% of students voting in the 2022 YUSU elections.
One student told Vision, “there’s no incentive to vote in the NUS elections”, with low student turnout preventing the NUS referendum from being valid.
Vote now at http://yusu.org/vote
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