Fire destroys Georgia home of boy with uncombable hair syndrome – FOX 5 Atlanta

A fire roared through a Roswell home destroying all the family’s possessions. The family is one seen before on FOX 5. The Samples family and their little boy, Lock. The young boy with has "uncombable hair syndrome".
A devastating fire at the home has devastated a Roswell family. Flames raced through the home of Katelyn and Caleb Samples, and their young sons, Shep and Lock.
The Monday afternoon fire destroyed the inside of their home.
"Even though the house is still standing, everything is gone inside. Smoke damage, water damage, the ceiling is to the floor. The children's rooms are unrecognizable, the whole left side of the home is unrecognizable and they've deemed everything a total loss," said Katelyn Samples.
No one was home when the fire started. They got alerts from their security cameras that smoke was filling up the children's bedrooms.
"When I got here there were about 10 firetrucks," said Samples.
FOX 5 viewers first met the Samples family last February when Lock was featured in a story about his hair. He has uncombable hair syndrome. It's rare. There are only about 100 known cases.
"People come up to us, they ask to touch it. They've very curious about his hair," said Samples.
Lock is also quite popular on social media. The 2-year-old has more than 55,000 followers on his Instagram account that his mom started as a way to spread awareness about uncombable hair syndrome. After the fire, his followers reached out to the family.
"They just want to make sure he's okay and we're okay, he has a great community on his Instagram," said Samples.
(Courtesy of Katelyn Samples)
The family says they've also received a lot of support from their friends and neighbors.
"Everyone is safe and that's all we can ask for," said Samples.
A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family.
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