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Cllr Shane Lee says that an investment of €4.5 million to transform Gantly Road in the heart of Roscrea into an urban street is a significant boost for the town.
“Roscrea has long been committed to being an Age Friendly Town, a place where young people, families and, most importantly, the elderly population, are happy to call home. It has been a pleasure for me to play a leading role in securing funding to ensure that this vision will now become a reality,” he said.
The project will transform Gantly Road into an urban street. It will make a positive change to the business centre of the town and restore the reputation of Roscrea as one of the county’s prime market towns.
In doing so, it will also focus on the delivery of the Gantly Street Age Friendly Neighbourhood.
Roscrea is one the first towns to receive funding through the Town Centre First Policy. This aims to reimagine and shape the future of a town/ village through the development of a Town Centre First Plan.
The development of the Gantly Street Age-Friendly Neighbourhood will be a critical project for the delivery and implementation of the Roscrea Town Centre First Plan.
“While Roscrea has benefited from significant investment in recent years, with projects such as the Town Square Enhancement works, it has been evident that further investment was required to capitalise on this work,” added Cllr Lee.
“When Tipperary County Council identified the strategic potential of the Gantly Road area, it became abundantly clear that this area could form a vital cog in restoring the vibrancy of Roscrea. It was also evident that the area could become a focal point in the delivery of an Age Friendly Neighbourhood.”
The re-imaging and regeneration of Gantly Street represents the first phase of the overall delivery of the Age Friendly Neighbourhood.
Cllr Lee continued: “The Gantly Street Age Friendly Neighbourhood will create a lively neighbourhood and renew the long-held and treasured sense of community in Roscrea by inspiring local Community Groups to actively design and develop the area.
“I acknowledge with thanks our local groups who for many years have been pushing for such a project, including Roscrea Enhancement Committee, Age Friendly Roscrea and Roscrea Tidy Towns.
“I also wish to personally thank Tipperary County Council staff for the huge effort and commitment they invested in getting this successful application prepared for submission to the department.
“I owe a huge amount of gratitude to Deputy Michael Lowry for pushing this project at national level. I spoke with him on numerous occasions when I was advised by Council Officials that all the works were carried out a local level. These things don’t happen by chance and I compliment the deputy for his work.
“For the people of Roscrea, this is a day of gratitude to everyone involved,” concluded Cllr Lee.


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