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Spasht Drishti project reaches border village govt school Chak Ghubai in Ferozepur
Ferozepur, November 18, 2022:  Spasht Drishti project today reached border village Government High School, Chak Ghubi urf Tangan – just 3 km from India-Pakistan border, for screening of the students who face problem in reading on the black board and books.

Vipul Narang has initiated this project, on motivation from his family, when his own daughter faced a vision problem which was controlled at the right time.  He  pledged to cover all the schools in the district within a six months period to  provide the spectacles, free of cost, after refractions by Bharat Ahuja of exact numbers to read comfortably.  Vipul also provided the vests to all the 250 students of the school in view of the coming winter season.
A 10-minute motivation lecture was also delivered to 10th class students by Ankush Bhandari, Harish Kumar who accompanied Vipul with special focus to concentrate on studies and take care of health.
Bharat Ahuja had come to the school with the required infrastructure and as many as 105 students of Govt High School Chak Ghubai were screened and out of which around 40 students with low vision were recommended for using spectacles. 
Conveying thanks to Vipul Narang social activists-cum-Yes Man, the Principal of school Shivani also appreciated the launching of Spasht Drishti project and especially to cover the remote area schools where medical facilities are less as compared to the city
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