Purpose & Vision 2040 – Santos Ltd.

We are a global energy company committed to helping the world decarbonise to reach net-zero emissions through reliable, affordable and sustainable energy.
In 2017 we set out on Vision 2025, with the seven elements of that vision now either complete or on track for completion, we set our sights on 2040 and delivering our Net Zero promise.
Born in Australia, Santos aims to be a global leader through the energy transition, producing the low-cost, low-emission fuels the world relies on.
We now have a global footprint with assets spread across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and the United States of America.
For more than 65 years, Santos has been working in partnership with local communities, providing local jobs and business opportunities, safely and sustainably developing its natural gas resources, and powering industries and households.
We’re relentless in our search for a better future and committed to efforts to bring affordable, sustainable and cleaner energy to the world.
This pursuit of cleaner energy includes the continued production of our traditional fuels for decades to come.
We are clear, we will backfill and sustain our base business. The world will continue to demand our products, whether that is the fuels Santos has been built on or the carbon reduction services or clean fuels of the future. Those secure, well-paying jobs will exist for decades to come.
On our path to Vision 2040, we will create a positive legacy, for our communities, our customers, our people and our shareholders. That legacy is one of shared prosperity and strengthening communities for the long term.
We take a common-sense approach to addressing the world’s energy challenges, investing in traditional fuel and carbon reduction projects, while ensuring the lights stay on and the world has access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.
Santos vision and strategy at work
Join us and your talent, skills and ideas will have a direct impact on results as we thrive and improve together.
Santos seeks to work with contractors and suppliers who are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.


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