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Meet the Mighty Majesty duo.
You often hear daily self-care and grooming practices referred to as rituals, but some are more literal and longstanding than others. Based on traditional (and highly effective) holistic practices dating back to ancient India, RANAVAT’s luxe line of products is a thoughtful curation of hair and skin care favorites that put balance first. Now, at the behest of its ever-growing fan base, the brand’s launched what might be the biggest addition to the collection yet: RANAVAT’s Regenerative Shampoo and Conditioner. The just-launched shampoo-conditioner duo feature the same three fundamental elements that made the wider RANAVAT line so well- received: age-old Ayurvedic botanicals, in-depth clinical trials overseen by top-line developers, and an undeniably opulent aesthetic that makes something as simple as wash day feel like royal anointment.
As a first-generation Indian woman from Wisconsin, founder Michelle Ranavat grew up incorporating Ayurveda and its practices into her everyday life. When she began experiencing postpartum hair-loss, she turned to weekly hair oiling, an inherited Ayurvedic beauty ritual, that made all the difference. “As I started to see results from hair oiling, I realized that my shampoo and conditioner were contributing to my hair fall,” Ranavat explains to TZR. “This inspired me to create the ultimate hair care ritual — a ritual to regenerate, nourish, and repair the hair.”
Ranavat and her team spent three long years formulating the products’ cleanse-hydrate ratio before striking the perfect balance. And in fact, that’s actually the basis of Ayurveda as a whole: balance. Ranavat says the Ayurvedic rituals that inspire her products function to balance skin and hair, incorporating specific botanicals with properties backed by thousands of years of well-researched science.
In the case of the new Regenerative Shampoo and Conditioner, the formula’s centerpiece is a proprietary blend, the Veda4 Bond Complex, that combines Ayurvedic science with rigorous clinical trials to both repair hair in its current state and mitigate future damage. Adaptogenic, antioxidant shrub Ashwagandha soothes irritated or flaky scalps while fatty acid-laden Amla (you might know it as Indian gooseberry) conditions hair. Finally, pink lotus and hibiscus simultaneously promote hair regeneration — something scientific studies have pointed to for years.
“The result is the first Ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner that is clinically tested to regenerate and transform hair beginning at the root of hair health to the scalp,” Ranavat says. The brand-conducted results just illustrate the Ayurvedic power further. After just one use, participants saw a significant reduction in scalp irritation and flakiness, and with prolonged use, 61% self-reported a reduction in hair loss. Because of the formula’s focus on correction and prevention, it’s not just those currently experiencing hair fall benefiting from the new duo. “Our goal as a brand is to showcase these incredible rituals and ingredients and how effective they are for today’s modern consumer,” Ranavat tells TZR. This new hair care lineup makes it easier than ever to fold those routines into everyday.
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