'It's a miracle': Reverend, 87, escapes unharmed after speeding car launches over him – Express

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A priest escaped serious injury after a speeding car launched over his own vehicle in what he describes as a “miracle”. Reverend John Bok, 87, didn’t realise what had happened until he was shown footage of the SUV flying off a kerb and over his car.
The hair-raising moment shows Father John’s car stationary on a road as the out of control SUV rises off the pavement. It had appeared to be careering into the side of him.
“It’s a miracle,” he told Catholic News Agency. Although “semi” retired, in his own words, he helps at Sunday Mass at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Milford, Ohio.
On October 2, which is the feast of the Guardian Angels, he was on his way to the church for Mass at 9am.
At around 8.40am, near the church, another driver had a seizure and became unconscious, he said.
The young man’s car went off road, heading directly towards his vehicle.

Two cars.
It launched over Father John after hitting a road sign and something else vertical between the cars.
Father John, who has blindness in his left eye and wears hearing aids, did not notice the car go over.
“I did not know that that car went over top of me because I was looking ahead and it was to my left and above. And out of the corner of my eye I sensed something went by, but I just thought it was a bird or something like that,” he told CNA.
Police later found Father John at a restaurant and told him he was almost hit by the young man’s car.
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Rev John Bok.
When the officer showed him a video captured by a nearby funeral home, Father John was amazed.
He said the officer told him the young man had been taken to hospital but was OK.
He said: “One of the mysteries is that it would happen to be that October 2 feast of the Guardian Angels. I don’t know what God was thinking.”
He added: “I’m happy I’m still here and it’s a mystery why I am when you look at that darn video. When I see it, I just scratch my head and say, ‘Thank you, Lord.’”

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