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Vision New Zealand has revealed the party’s approach to the Hamilton West by-election will be unlike any other political campaign.
Hannah Tamaki, Leader of Vision New Zealand said, “We are coming to the voter of Hamilton West with revolutionary solutions designed to empower the family and the community. This is not about politicking, this is about real solutions for real people. It is a whole community approach, with no family left behind and everybody can have a part to play”.
If the families and communities in this ‘bellwether’ seat choose to embrace Vision New Zealand’s post-covid approach to the future, the party believes this could be a prototype for reconstructing other local communities around the country.
Hannah went on to say, “It’s a here and now approach not dependant on the machinery of Government and policy to bring solutions. While we have policies that will restore the family as the basic building block of society and the most important social institution in our nation, many households in this electorate need hope and solutions now.
● We intend to hit the high cost of living with innovative strategies and bring practical help to families in debt
● We intend to bring practical support into this community that will enable families to disconnect from dependency on the Government and become self-determining
● We intend to mobilise proven social service programmes and wrap around support that will bring immediate solutions to some of our country’s most confounding social and youth problems. Empowering families to again unite and overcome hard and difficult times together
The demographics of this electorate tell us that this is a very family-oriented microcosm of New Zealand. Therefore, we believe our whole community approach will offer a wide scope of opportunities for people with skills and organisations already working within the community, to have input into these strategies.
Vision New Zealand believes the voters of Hamilton West have the opportunity to send a message to this Government on behalf of all New Zealanders that the power remains with the people, via the vote.
“We are hoping that MMP will be given a chance to break the two party merry-go-round when voters choose the common sense solutions, centre right politics Vision NZ has to offer,” said Hannah Tamaki.
Vision New Zealand’s candidate Jade Tait will be launched this Friday, November 11th Western Community Centre, 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton, Hamilton where the deeper features of the party’s strategies will be revealed.
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