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Vision New Zealand says it is delighted that Brian Tamaki, founder of Freedom and Rights Coalition and Party President of newly formed Freedoms NZ, Umbrella Party has accepted an invitation to open the parties candidate launch for Jade Tait, tonight at 7pm, Western Community Centre, 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton, Hamilton.
“We know Brian can be controversial but there is no doubting Tamaki’s 40 year’s experience with broken families and damaged communities and his vast experience in how to restore that vital building block of our society, FAMILY. Family is a core policy for Vision New Zealand”, said party officials of Vision New Zealand. “Our society is a reflection of our homes and nobody else is coming close to having answers to the most complex and confounding problems that begin at home, so it is time to bring in those with proven success and innovative solutions in this arena.”
“In talking with Brian he has indicated that his message will be ‘a little hard hitting’ but it is solution focused and about bringing families/communities back to the fundamentals of trust, caring, sharing and values we all treasure following the wreckage of Covid”, said Anne Williamson Party Secretary.
“New Zealand families and communities are at a tipping point, so we need a turning point”, said Brian Tamaki. “As a ‘bellwether’ electorate Hamilton West is a potential prototype for innovative solutions that don’t rely on massive policy change but empower the people to be a major part of their own success and solution. Time to break the pattern of always looking to the Government for answers it is just not going to happen that way. He went on to say, the Government and its agencies only know how to enslave people to the system, I think we have the exact recipe for breaking that cycle of dependency, getting families healthy and restoring their ability to function in a democratic society. That’s what we are going to bring to the voter tonight”.
Hannah Tamaki, Leader of Vision New Zealand and the party’s candidate, Jade Tait will be unveiling the party’s ‘Transformative Communities’ strategy tonight.
Vision New Zealand’s candidate Jade Tait will be launched 7pm, tonight November 11th, Western Community Centre, 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton, Hamilton.
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