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With series five of the hit Netflix show The Crown launching today, many petrolheads will keep an eye out for some of the royal family’s favourite classic cars. The show is praised for its accuracy, with car enthusiasts being on the lookout to see some of the most popular cars the royals have to offer.
Mark Wilkinson, Managing Director at Heritage Car Insurance, highlighted the elegance of the royal vehicle fleet.
He said: “The Royal Family’s choice of cars through the decades shows their support for British manufacturers and the heritage of British motoring. 
“From the style and glamour of Jaguar and Aston Martin, to the enduring practicality of Land Rover, the royals have embraced the best of British, with iconic results. 
“As one of the most photographed families in the world, the cars are always there, fulfilling both style and function in historic moments – both in real life and on-screen depictions.”
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King Charles III with his Aston Martin DB6.
Throughout his life, King Charles III has been known for his love of cars, being gifted a classic blue 1970 Aston Martin DB6 for his 21st birthday.
The classic sports car has one major difference, however. It runs on wine and cheese.
Speaking with the BBC, he said: “My old Aston Martin, which I had for 51 years, that I managed to convert, that now runs on waste products.
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“Can you believe this; it runs on surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese processes.”
The bioethanol is produced by a Gloucestershire-based company called Green Fuels who told the King that there was an opportunity to transform his classic Aston Martin DB6.
The group, which has since earned a Royal Warrant of Appointment, said they could supply waste-derived bio-ethanol produced from a combination of wine and cheese.
The conversion was carried out by Aston Martin specialist RS Williams, who admitted the car performs better than ever.
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During her time working in a nursery in London, Lady Diana Spencer drove a basic version of the Austin Mini Metro.
This eventually became one of the most photographed cars in history as the paparazzi closely documented her life.  
Prince Charles bought the vehicle for the then Lady Diana after he test-drove the vehicle out of the British Leyland factory in Longbridge, taking it on a 20-mile trip.
Lady Diana Spencer with her Mini Metro.
Diana, Princess of Wales, also kept a 1987 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Cabriolet as her personal car.
Cabriolets are normally only available as two-seaters, but this one was specially fitted with two rear seats for Princes William and Harry. This car was used by the Princess between 1987 and 1991.  
In December 1991 Lady Diana took delivery of this Mercedes-Benz 500 SL, becoming the first member of the royal house to drive a foreign car privately. 
In response to criticism from the Government, trade unions and the industry, Lady Diana returned the comfortable and powerful sports car in September 1992.
In 1954, Prince Philip commissioned an Aston Martin Lagonda three-litre Drophead Coupe as a sports car that he and the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth could drive around in.  
There were only twenty of these vehicles made, and it is the only one that was privately owned by the Duke of Edinburgh.
Over the course of seven years, Prince Philip used the convertible as his personal vehicle, with the car being seen in series two of The Crown.
Prince Philip also once owned a classic MG sports car, which played a massive role in the courtship of the future Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, as covered in the early episodes of the show.  
In real life, he drove an MG TC when he was courting the then Princess Elizabeth, which he traded in for the TD. 
Always an avowed MG fan, he also hosted several MG gatherings at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, proving that you never forget your first love.  
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