Blind man punched in face on Bronx subway train: 'No one had a heart to even care,' victim says of bystanders – New York Daily News

A legally blind straphanger was punched in the face on a Bronx train after he asked a man whose backpack was in his face to step aside.
Mark Goldberg, 49 — who he said has “vague vision” but that his poor eyesight is not noticeable to others — boarded a Manhattan-bound No. 6 train at the Longwood Ave. station in Woodstock around 6 p.m. Saturday with his girlfriend, he told the Daily News.
“The guy — he basically was leaning with his back on me and his backpack that he had on was all in my face,” Goldberg recalled. “So when I brought it to his attention, he got very nasty.”
Mark Goldberg and his girlfriend. (Obtained by Daily News)
“He said, ‘No one told you to sit there,’” Goldberg recalled.
When his girlfriend interjected, the man cursed at her and threatened to spit on her.
Goldberg and his girlfriend stood up to move away from the irate man, but not before he snapped.
“Right in the face,” Goldberg said of the punch. “Right in the middle of my face.”
The blow bloodied Goldberg. When doors opened at the E. 143rd St. station, the puncher ran off.
“I popped my head outside the door of the platform and there was MTA workers on the platform just standing there watching him, laughing and just let him go.”
His sight impairment doesn’t keep Goldberg from seeing everything that goes on around him. “I do see but I’m considered what they call legally blind,” he said. “I have to look very close.”
Mark Goldberg, 49 after he was punched in the face on the subway after he asked a stranger to move his backpack out of his face. (Obtained by Daily News)
The conductor called police and advised Goldberg to sit on the train, which left straphangers left in the car groaning.
“What makes it worse is you have all the customers on the train, complaining they want to get the train moving, telling me to get off the train,” Goldberg said, shocked. “I’m here dripping, and customers are trying to start arguments with me because they wanna get to where they have to get to.
“It really made me feel really horrible,” the Brooklyn native added. “No one had a heart for what was going on. No one had a heart to even care.”
The injured man went to a local hospital where he was treated for bruising and swelling. He will need to see a dentist to ensure his teeth did not shift during the attack.
Days later, he is still nursing the injuries.
Mark Goldberg, 49 after he was punched in the face on the subway after he asked a stranger to move his backpack out of his face. (Obtained by Daily News)
“They gave me medicine for the pain. I wake up every couple hours at night,” said Goldberg, who works for a jewelry company in Midtown Manhattan.
Goldberg described his attacker as slim with a tight, braided ponytail.
Goldberg said he contacted Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office about the incident, but was told they were dealing with “other priorities more important to work on.”
“Listen, things happen. I understand that, but it’s just too constant,” Goldberg said. “These criminals know that they can get away with it. And that’s why they’re doing what they’re doing.”
Despite his injuries, Goldberg said he will not allow the assault to scare him away from the transit system and referred to his attacker as a “coward.”
“As much as the guy is wrong for hitting me, (the) MTA has an obligation to make the passengers safe and secure and they failed to do that,” Goldberg said.
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Copyright © 2022, New York Daily News


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