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The 2022 Subaru BRZ first made its global debut back in November 2020, and we finally managed to capture a full gallery of the second-generation (ZD8) sports car on Malaysian soil for your viewing pleasure. The car you see before you, which is finished in Crystal White Pearl, was put on display by Motion Beyond Sdn Bhd at the company’s Subaru Setia Alam 3S centre.
The new BRZ is powered by a FA24D 2.4 litre naturally-aspirated flat-four engine, which has a larger displacement compared to the first-generation (ZC6) model that used a FA20D 2.0 litre unit. Outputs have gone up as a result, with the FA24D pushing out 237 PS (234 hp) and 250 Nm of torque. By comparison, the original BRZ facelift with a six-speed manual transmission packed 208 PS (205 hp) and 214 Nm, while the six-speed automatic was pegged at 203 PS (200 hp) and 205 Nm.
For the rear-wheel drive ZD8, both the manual and automatic are available, the latter being equipped on this example. Performance-wise, the automatic variant takes 6.8 seconds to get from 0-100 km/h and will hit a top speed of 216 km/h, while the manual requires 6.3 seconds and maxes out at 226 km/h.
One reason to opt for the self-shifting transmission is the inclusion of Subaru’s EyeSight suite of safety and driver assistance systems that includes active cruise control, front vehicle departure alert, autonomous emergency braking (front and rear) and false start suppression control – the manual variant does not get these systems.

In terms of design, the ZD8 is an evolution from the original, with teardrop-shaped LED headlamps at the front that feature C-shaped LED daytime running lights that double as indicators. The bumper also sports a hexagonal-shaped intake flanked by sharp creases leading to L-shaped trim surrounding the air curtains.
Down the sides, the C-pillars are reprofiled to flow flow further into the rear deck and onto a ducktail on the boot lid. You’ll also find function side vents to extract air from the front wheel wells, which meet up with pronounced rocker panels that sweep upwards near the wheel wheels.
At the rear, the taillights are new, also with a C-shaped lighting signature and linked by a trim piece the integrates the boot release button. In Japan, the higher-end variant of the BRZ is the S, which comes with 18-inch wheels like what you see here, while the lower-end R gets 17-inch units.

Despite the styling overhaul, the ZD8 has the same width as its predecessor at 1,775 mm although its wheelbase has grown by a marginal 5 mm to 2,575 mm. Additionally, the new body is longer by 25 mm at 4,265 mm and the height has been reduced by 10 mm to 1,310 mm.
Inside, the BRZ maintains its 2+2 seating layout but receives a simpler dash design. Highlights include rectangular central air vents nestled above an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a protruding glove box ahead of the front passenger, new air-conditioning controls with piano-key switches (negates the previous car’s storage cubby) and a seven-inch digital instrument cluster.
We’ve included photos of both the second-generation BRZ as well as the facelifted first-generation model so you can spot the differences between the two with live photos. Do you like the look of the former more than the original?
GALLERY: 2022 Subaru BRZ 2.4 6AT

GALLERY: 2017 Subaru BRZ 2.0 6AT/6MT facelift

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How much? 0 to 100 sprint time slower than ranger raptor. HAHA
Ford Ranger Raptor vs Subaru BRZ. Can’t compare
U just made me laugh
in reality, 0-100 sprint ranger raptor slower than perodua kelisa & kancil turbo
Compare junk ford with subaru
Well state’s highway patrol especially Chevy Tahoe PPV intercepted plenty of look fast japs sportscar.
Tf is wrong with you? Comparing this to a pickup
Raptor wont compete with the brz86 for a fun sepang race.
Raptor belongs to the Jungle or Felda roads, with its mixed terrain tyres.
Practically, authentic Raptor drinks minimum Ron98 Petrol, also >30% fuel consuming compared to 3.2TurboDiesel. May goes 3 to 9km/L, offroad, city driving to highway driving.
Nice car, nice spending. You spend the money, I am happy to cheers.
the reality, ranger raptor 0-100 sprint slower than perodua myvi, kelisa & kancil turbo
Smelly car ,torque big …Brz for twisty road , your car can ? just don’t masuk longkang
Tf is wrong with you? Comparing a pickup to dinky unsafe deathtraps.
what is the minimum octane of fuel required? heard its 98
BRZ/GR86 is worth it if opt for manual gearbox. But remember the RTV issue in USA. If you drift in track/road, you might void warranty and left with hefty bill to replace the engine
probably the last of its kind. An affordable (everywhere else but here unfortunately) junior sports coupe. A true spiritual successor to the AE86 and Porsche 924.
Future manual car either lowest spec A segment or super expensive sport car.
The MT version handbrake lever abit too long and odd positioning beside the gearshift lever, for drifting purposes??
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