Experts warn over 'risky' TikTok fitness trend that could see hair loss – Yahoo News UK

Users on TikTok have been warned over a risky fitness trend said to cause hair loss and health problems in some of those who try it.
The trend, which has received 6.8 million views on the short-form video hosting service, has been criticised by experts at hair care brand, CLOUD NINE as posing “health risks.”
The fitness suggestion claims to help fitness lovers quickly achieve a strong, toned body.
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Canva – TikTok users warned over fitness trend (Image: Canva)
The social media fad called ‘creatine loading’ has gained traction online through popular hashtags.
The trend tells users to exceed the recommended daily intake of creatine supplements to maximise muscle stores.
The trend is continuing to grow but searches for creatine hair loss have risen 57% over the last year and are up 158% in the past week.
Users of the supplement are becoming concerned over hair thinning and loss with the hashtag ‘#creatinehairloss’ amassing 80,000 views on TikTok.
Hair experts over at CLOUD NINE warned: “There are many misconceptions around creatine but we strongly advise using caution when taking the supplement.
“There are limited studies on creatine’s effect on hair loss with some stating that the use of the supplement can increase the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which can trigger hair loss.
“But, the trend itself of ‘creatine loading’ can also cause side effects and pose its own health risks. Excessive use of creatine can result in stomach issues and digestive concerns.
“It can also interfere with medications that affect liver or kidney function.
“If you are going to use the supplement, make sure to follow the recommended dose instructed on the product’s packaging.
“We suggest incorporating a healthy hair care regiment into your routine to ensure hair strands and follicles are of optimal health.”
To find out more about CLOUD NINE, please visit the CLOUD NINE website.
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