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Sony reveals how players can customise the gameplay experience to suit their needs
Sony has announced a wide range of accessibility features for God of War: Ragnarök ahead of the game’s release next week.
The title offers four accessibility pre-set menus, and each option within these can be freely adjusted to suit the player’s needs.
The vision accessibility pre-set applies a range of options for players who have low vision. It covers settings including navigation assist, puzzle timing, auto pick-up, audio clues, and UI and subtitle sizes.
The hearing accessibility pre-set adjusts settings for players who are deaf or hard of hearing. These include subtitles, captions, direction indicators and speaker names.
The motion reduction pre-set applies a range of options for players with motion sensitivity to quick motions or handheld camera movements, including settings for sway, motion blur and aim sensitivities.
The motor accessibility pre-set covers options for players with a physical or mobility disability. These include puzzle timing, navigation and traversal assist settings.
The game offers fully remappable and customisable controls too. “With the addition of touchpad shortcuts, control input styles, control pre-sets, and custom layouts – you are truly in control of your play,” according to Sony.
Further details on over 70 accessibility features can be found on PlayStation’s website.
Mila Pavlin, lead UX designer for God of War: Ragnarök, recently told Game Informer: “If I can push a feature to the point where one more player could play, then that would be the greatest thing in the world.”
She added: “Accessibility features aren’t just accessibility features. They also help to improve the experience for everyone.”
The God of War Ragnarök release date is November 9, but the PS5 and PS4 game is reportedly being sold early at some retailers, leading to significant story spoilers appearing online.
VGC’s 5-star God of War Ragnarök review labelled it one of the best PlayStation games ever.
“God of War Ragnarök is an incredibly special game,” we wrote. “It’s vital in a way few releases are. With captivating performances that carry an amazing story to a jaw-dropping final act, it’s a game that achieves everything it sets out to do to the absolute highest standard.”
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