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Abdel Fatah al-Burhan flanked with his deputy Mohamed Daglo Hemetti inpspect the army units.
November 5, 2022 (KHARTOUM) – The Force for Freedom and Change (FFC) on Saturday denied reports about agreeing to grant judicial immunity to the military leaders and termed it as baseless.
On Friday, Reuters news agency posted a report about the ongoing preliminary indirect consultations on the restoration of a civilian government in Sudan between the military component and the FFC through the tripartite facilitation panel.
Citing FFC sources, Reuters reported that an understanding had been reached that “top military officers would not be subject to prosecution”.
In response to this report on the sensitive issue of justice, the coalition issued a statement on Saturday evening reiterating its adherence to the principles declared in its position paper on ways to restore the civilian transition.
“Reports circulating about the FFC’s agreement to grant full or partial judicial immunities to any party or individuals are not true. This cannot be done without the consultation and broad acceptance of stakeholders,”.
“The FFC put justice at the forefront of issues to be addressed in a comprehensive and transparent manner and with the broad participation of all stakeholders. Also, we will present our vision about it clearly and unequivocally”.
Some 120 protesters were killed after the coup d’etat of General Abdel Fattah on October 25, 2022. Over a hundred people were killed by the military during the brutal attack by the security forces on the peaceful sit-in outside the army command on June 3, 2019.
The FFC has been slammed for the failure of the Hamdok government to investigate the “Khartoum massacre” and try the perpetrators of the 2019 attack.
The large coalition made self-criticism for the first failure of its government. Further, they vowed to prioritize the issue of justice in a transparent manner.
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