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This opinion column was submitted by Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who is the Republican nominee for governor. His campaign website is
My dad served in the United States Air Force for 31 years, so I like to say that service must be in my DNA, because just like my dad, I felt called to a career in public service. After I went on an LVMPD ride along with a friend one night, I knew right then that I was called to serve others as a police officer, and I applied to LVMPD. Now, 35 years later, I’ve served on every level at LVMPD, and I’ve had the honor of serving as the Sheriff for the past eight years.
When I joined LVMPD and when I was elected as sheriff, I took an oath to protect and serve. Now, I’m ready to protect and serve our state as governor — and that starts by getting Nevada back on track.
Sixty-seven percent of Nevadans report feeling like we’re on the wrong track. We’re moving in the wrong direction. If you agree, this election is an opportunity to change that course.
I’m ready to focus on the issues that matter the most to Nevadans and to deliver a stronger economy, better schools, and safer streets.
More than 95,000 Nevada small businesses were forced to permanently close their doors because of Steve Sisolak’s shutdowns. Now, inflation is now costing the average Nevada household an extra $867 per month.
We can’t afford another four years of Joe Biden and Steve Sisolak’s tax increases and reckless economic policies. It’s time we return to fiscally responsible policies and common sense in Carson City and it’s time your governor listened to you, not extremists in Washington and California.
When I say I’ll never raise taxes, I mean it. I’ll put in place pro-business policies, while getting rid of red tape and job-killing regulations. I’m ready to diversify our economy, expand workforce development programs, and develop a highly skilled workforce.
You’ve likely noticed that Steve Sisolak avoids talking about his economic record and instead focuses on lying to voters about abortion. The truth is that Nevada voters codified abortion access up to 24 weeks 30 years ago, and the only way to change that is by a vote of the people. I trust Nevadans to make the best decision for our state — not politicians in Washington, D.C. or Carson City.
I also trust Nevadans to make the best decisions about their children’s education, which is why I believe parents deserve a voice — and a choice — in our education system.
As governor, I’m excited to implement school choice initiatives that empower Nevada families, like expanding access to charter schools, providing more opportunity scholarships, and investing in Education Savings Accounts. I’ll never mandate that a student has to have the COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend school, which is a decision that only parents can make.
When Steve Sisolak came into office, our education system was struggling and four years later, he’s managed to make it worse. We’re ranked at the very bottom and our schools are unsafe. Nevada families deserve better and safer schools — and that is what we will do.
We all deserve better and safer communities, which is why it’s critical that we restore law and order in our state. As governor, I will immediately work to repeal Steve Sisolak’s soft-on-crime policies that have enabled criminals and handcuffed the police. As a law enforcement officer, I’m honored to have the endorsement of every major law enforcement organization in the state.
Under Steve Sisolak, our state agencies won’t answer the phone. Our DMV is broken and state backlogs are out of control. Our state government has lost sight of its most important mission: serving Nevadans. I’m ready to get government working for Nevadans again.
Nevada, the past four years under Steve Sisolak can only be described as frustration and failure. I’m ready to provide the vision and leadership that’s been missing in our state for far too long — I’m ready to protect and serve. Let’s take our state back.
Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo is the Republican nominee for governor. His campaign website is
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