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Lush grass, warm sunlight, solace, and barefoot walking! Also called earthing or grounding, walking barefoot on grass has been an early morning routine for many. Have you ever wondered what could be the possible health benefits of doing so? Well, here are five advantages of walking barefoot on grass that will make it a part of your self-care regimen. Check them out.
Our feet have a lot of reflexology zones that are associated with a host of organs in the body including the eyes. As you walk barefoot on grass, you put pressure on your first, second, and third toes, which are the main reflexology points for your eyesight. Many studies back that looking at the green color of grass soothes the eyes and calms us.
Walking barefoot on grass, while soaking in the early rays of sunlight is a good way to reduce stress as it rejuvenates your senses. As per research, this barefoot walking can help decrease stress levels by 62%. The levels of endorphins inside your system increase considerably when you do so. You can even go for a walk in the evening as well.
If you have been popping in sleeping pills frequently, perhaps it is time to chuck them for good. Walking barefoot on grass yields a positive response to sleeping issues, as backed by research. It improves your circadian rhythm, helping you maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Additionally, a physical connection with the earth can lower cortisol, the stress hormone, thereby fostering deep sleep.
Research has found that earthing has produced considerable differences in cytokines, which are the compounds involved in the inflammatory process. In fact, the earth’s electrons also have a role to play, as they enter the body through specific reflexology zones present on your feet. These then activate the antioxidants present in our body and eventually help fight inflammation.
This further highlights the role of the earth’s electrons. When practicing grounding, the human body absorbs and donates these electrons to the organs that need them the most for better functioning. This boosts your immunity as even research suggests that it is the disconnection from the earth that could be a potential cause of an increase in immunity-related ailments.
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