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Hair loss can take a massive toll on a person’s self-esteem as they grow older and experience more stressful situations. This problem has become increasingly prevalent as more than 80 million men and women are suffering from hair loss concerns in the US, with most of those being men. Seeking treatment for hair loss can be a strenuous and costly process that few are willing to undertake, knowing that many of the solutions involve a significant recovery time.
Although it may be a tough pill to swallow, in many cases, hair loss is out of our control and can be attributed to genetics. Typically, when hair loss is caused by genetics, there are very few things, we can do to prevent the loss other than using supplements. Additionally, hair loss is often credited to medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, or even something such as hair care.
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Many are not willing to undergo invasive surgery like hair transplants which require plenty of care during the healing process. Thankfully, a new option is available at Xanadu Med Spa. They are the first location to offer Alma Ted Hair Restoration. This treatment uses the TED laser to help stimulate hair growth deep within the skin. The ultrasound-based system is the obvious choice for anyone looking for a non-invasive ad non-traumatic option.
Each session lasts between 20-30 minutes and requires minimal aftercare, they only ask that patients avoid using any hair products for 24 hours. Compared to the weeks of soreness and downtime that usually follows a hair transplant, the TED treatment allows patients to return to their regular routines almost immediately. Treatments vary from case to case depending on the progression of your hair loss, but patients typically require 3 sessions of the Alma TED treatment to achieve the desired effect. Similar to other procedures, the results of the Alma TED treatment can take some time to become obvious. The treatment results are mostly final after 3 months leaving thicker hair and less visible scalp.
Take the next step to build your self-confidence and get your hairline back pain-free by scheduling a free consultation with Xanadu Med Spa at 970-591-7919.
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