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Dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon, SkinQure Clinic
Nowadays, due to various reasons like poor lifestyle, diet, medical conditions as well as genetic issues, many of us have started facing hair loss problems early now. Fortunately, with medical advancement, there are treatments that can help in controlling hair loss. The most common treatments that are trending and are considered in combination with other medications & therapies for hair growth include Mesotherapy and PRP.
Let’s understand how these treatments work and which is better for you. 
What is PRP?
PRP also known as Platelet-rich plasma is a perfectly safe, non-invasive medical treatment that can be used to improve hair loss or thinning hair. It is a three-step medical treatment (Extracting- Centrifuging-Processing) in which the active growth factors from the patient’s blood are used to encourage the growth of new hair. 
How does PRP help in Hair Growth?
When PRP is injected on the scalp, which contains growth factors and increased growth factors around the hair follicle gets activated to encourage and maintain organic hair growth. It works by activating stem cells around the roots to make hair grow if the hair follicle is active. To be effective, this procedure is typically combined with other hair loss treatments and drugs. For best outcomes, a person could require several sessions spaced out by around six weeks. Patients begin to experience hair growth 4 to 6 weeks after starting the initial medication and good growth can be expected after 4 to 6 months, although results vary from person to person.
It is beneficial for patients suffering from Male or Female pattern baldness, Alopecia Areata, or for promoting hair growth after hair transplantation. Additionally, chances of allergic reactions or other complications are negligible because the patient’s own blood is used for the procedure.
Early detection of hair loss is key to the effectiveness of PRP therapy for hair. PRP won’t be able to fully restore the hair in areas where the majority of the hair has already fallen out.
What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method to prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth. In this procedure, the nutrient-rich liquid is injected into the deep skin layers around the hair follicle, which is a layer that lies between the tissue of the skin and the layer of fats.
How does Mesotherapy work for hair loss?
During this procedure, a cocktail of nutrient boosters, comprising Biotins, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, etc. are injected into the mesoderm in order to stimulate hair growth and reverse hair loss by providing the required nutrition. It also improves blood circulation in the entire scalp and helps in restoring the hormonal balance in the mesoderm of the scalp. For better results, 6 to 10 sessions are required within the gap of a week time.  This treatment is beneficial for people suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia or other types of hair loss, indicated by dermatologists. Mesotherapy Treatment is safe, effective and a virtually painful procedure. 
Which is better?
PRP and Mesotherapy can’t be considered the first line of treatment and is effective when used in combination with other therapies/ procedures. Both treatments are not US-FDA approved. 
PRP and Mesotherapy are non-invasive, almost painless, and have their own set of benefits and according to your hair condition, only a certified dermatologist can tell what will work best for you.
Though PRP is considered more effective in comparison to Mesotherapy. The number of sessions is also less for PRP and it can treat many hair conditions such as Male/ Female pattern baldness, Metabolic hair loss, Alopecia Areata, etc. as compared to Mesotherapy which is effective in treating hair loss caused due to conditions like nutritional deficiencies, weather changes, stress, etc.
So, if you are facing hair loss issues, let a dermatologist evaluate your problem and provide proper guidance & treatment according to your hair loss condition.
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Views expressed above are the author’s own.
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