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The original Age of Ultron storyline was brutal for the Marvel Universe, with this grim variant world giving many heroes truly tragic endings.
A major aspect of Brian Michael Bendis and a massive team of artists' Age of Ultron was the idea that the robotic menace had suddenly assaulted humanity with a full army, catching much of the Marvel Universe by surprise — and actually winning.
The only way to restore the universe was to perform a series of time-hopping in-universe retcons. As a result, most of the Marvel Universe was given the chance to go out in some pretty final storylines in the doomed timeline where Ultron won with most of Marvel's most iconic heroes dying across the course of the event.
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Largely off-panel, Ultron's forces suddenly assaulting the Marvel Universe resulted in the deaths of billions with many powerful heroes and villains among the causalities. Hulk, Magneto, Thor, Jessica Jones, and Cyclops were confirmed to have been among those killed in the original assault. Avengers Assemble #14.U and #15.U (by Al Ewing, Butch Guice, Tom Palmer, Rick Magyar, Frank D'Armata, and VC's Clayton Cowles) revealed that Black Widow barely survived the slaughter of San Francisco while the United Kingdom become one of the last holdouts against Ultron. The effort to help had fully corrupted Black Knight with the power of the Ebony Blade, however, leaving him a dangerous threat.
After ensuring Franklin and Val were safe in space in Fantastic Four #5.AU (by Matt Fraction, André Lima Araújo, Jose Villarrubia, and VC's Clayton Cowles), most of the team was wiped out fighting Ultron, with only Invisible Woman surviving thanks to her family's sacrifice. The Four also seemingly confirmed the deaths of Doctor Doom, the temporary replacement Fantastic Four (including Medusa and Ant-Man), along with their charges at the Future Foundation. The last surviving Runaway, Vision's "brother" Victor Mancha, attempted to protect a group of young people in Ultron #1.AU (by Kathryn Immonen, Amilcar Pinna, and VC's Joe Caramagna), but was eventually hunted down and destroyed as well.
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Ultimately, only a handful of heroes were able to survive the attack. Luke Cage and She-Hulk were lost in a mission to infiltrate Ultron's base of operations, with the latter being overwhelmed with robotic drones sent by a corrupted Vision while the former was bombarded with a lethal dose of radiation. This circumvented his enhanced endurance but gave him the chance to inform the other heroes of his fate.
Locating Nick Fury with the help of Black Widow, Red Hulk, and Moon Knight (whose team had traveled across the country and had lost Black Panther and Taskmaster along the way), the group discovered one of Doctor Doom's Time Platforms — giving them the chance to strike at the future incarnation of Ultron that was decimating the past through his proxies. Most of the assembled heroes went on the mission, with seemingly only Moon Knight, Spectrum, Valkyrie, Ka-Zar, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Invisible Woman remaining as a last line of defense. Unfortunately for the heroes, Ultron had been aware of this plan and wiped out the heroes as soon as they arrived and saw an Ultron-dominated future.
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As a result, Ultron's timeline, eventually dubbed Earth-61112, became one bereft of heroes. While Ultron was able to create a technological landscape that even Iron Man had to admit was "beautiful," it was built on the bones of humanity. The likely last "hero" left in this timeline was Vision, who'd been corrupted by Ultron and was transformed into an important aspect of his empire. The handful of survivors who remained in the past may have lingered for a time, but inevitably were unable to save the world.
Meanwhile, these variants of Wolverine and Invisible Woman used the Time Platform to kill Hank Pym in a bid to change the future, instead creating a divergent timeline where the Defenders protected a world splintered by the war of magic and technology. Both of these variants seemingly died on their adventures, but Wolverine was at least able to help resolve the event and change events just enough for Earth-616 to never encounter their own Age of Ultron event.
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