Von der Leyen visits Kyiv to discuss bringing Ukraine closer to EU – Yahoo News UK

It’s her third visit to Ukraine’s capital since Russia invaded in February.
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As the weather turns and autumn beckons, a swift reminder that the battle with Covid is far from over has arrived in the form of a text or email inviting those eligible to book in for their Covid-19 autumn 2022 booster. Around 26 million people in England are eligible, including adults aged 50 and over. But with Covid now a relatively mild illness – for most of us who are vaccinated – do we really need it?
European Union countries will be forced to cut electricity use by 5% during peak hours under proposals to stave off a looming winter energy crisis.
Dozens of Clarence House staff were given notice of the threat of redundancy while they worked round the clock in the wake of the King’s accession, The Guardian has revealed. Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) condemned the decision to announce redundancies during the period of mourning as “nothing short of heartless”. Charles’s office will move from Clarence House to nearby monarchy HQ, Buckingham Palace, following the death of the Queen.
ALBUMS by Mercury Prize nominated C Duncan and Scots jazz pianist Fergus McCreadie are among those that have been picked as among the nation's 20 best for 2022.
More than 250 additional submissions were made to inquiry after sensational evidence by the state’s commissioner
THE death of Queen Elizabeth II has had a profound affect on residents all across the Isle of Wight.
In the singer’s inital post, she wrote about wanting to be surrounded by “fat people” in order to feel thin
Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is set to leave Buckingham Palace for the last time as it is taken, amid somber pageantry, on a horse-drawn gun carriage past crowds of mourners to the Houses of Parliament, where the late monarch will lie in state for four days
He woke Queen Elizabeth II on her final morning, playing below her window at Balmoral as he had done every day.
William MacDowell denies killing Renee MacRae, 36, and their three-year-old son Andrew MacRae.
More than 100 million Americans are also living in drought conditions
US President Joe Biden said American workers were “building the future of the electric vehicle” in a speech at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Wednesday, September 14.“We’re choosing to build a better America, an America that is confronting the climate crisis, with America’s workers leading the way,” Biden told a crowd during the auto show’s media day.Local media reported the president test drove an all-electric Cadillac SUV at the event. It was the first Detroit auto show to be held in more than three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Video by Brendan Gutenschwager shows Biden’s address. A second clip shows Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer in an electric Hummer. Credit: Brendan Gutenschwager via Storyful
The West’s domination of the world is "over" and we need to arm ourselves, not just with weapons, but also diplomatically to face the new age. That's the view of Gérard Araud, a former French ambassador to Israel, the US and the UN. He says that what Europe has experienced since 1945 is an exception and that as the US draws back, the continent needs to stand on its own two feet to meet the challenge. Araud has published a new book whose title translates into English as "Diplomatic stories: Lessons from yesterday for today's world". He joined us for Perspective.
Bansky original artworks set to be displayed in new exhibition in Salford, Manchester from 21 October.Source: The Art Of Banksy Exhibition, Instagram
Demonstrators, aged 24 to 78, appeared at the Royal Courts of Justice on Thursday afternoon following a protest at the Kingsbury Oil Terminal.
Prince Harry will be dressed differently to other royal family members
Louisiana is one of the major petrochemical centres of the US
Thursday: the CEOs of Australia’s top 20 companies got an average 17% pay rise this year. Plus: why a ‘wobbly moon’ may have killed Australian trees
Get into the festive spirit
Exclusive: high profile scientist Lesley Hughes had called on Macquarie University to pull out of hosting Santos Science Experience event


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