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Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE) was founded in 2012 as an operator and developer of renewable energy production facilities that convert agricultural and industrial wastes, along with renewable biomass feedstocks, into renewable natural gas and sustainable co-products.
RAE engages in these business operations with a focus on sustainability and environmental improvement. Rudi Roeslein’s vision is to restore 30 million acres of grasslands on marginal lands throughout the Midwest in 30 years. Beyond that, we hope to use this as a model to restore hundreds of millions of acres of grasslands around the globe.
A rapidly growing population is causing an incredible amount of stress on our landscapes. At Roeslein Alternative Energy, we have a market-based solution to the competing demands of the need for both sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.
When land not naturally suited for agriculture is used to raise corn or soybeans; erosion, soil degradation, and water problems emerge. Ironically, the quest for additional energy often finds prime agricultural acres raising crops for fuel, rather than food. But, there is an alternative that restores balance. It creates a new sustainable energy industry, manages livestock and land resources, while delivering healthier soil, cleaner water, and healthier wildlife habitat.
The solution is anaerobic digestion, which naturally breaks down organic matter in an oxygen-free environment. A byproduct is methane-rich biogas which can be converted to renewable natural gas. The remaining solids can be used as natural fertilizer and the water for irrigation.
Roeslein Alternative Energy works to preserve our lands for the future and to show individual landowners and society as a whole we can collaboratively discover and implement alternative agriculture and energy solutions.
Partnership Led by Roeslein Alternative Energy Wins $80 Million Grant to Develop New Climate-Smart Agriculture Value Chain
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