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Thinning hair can really knock a person’s confidence, but there are certain products that aim to stop the fallout.
As healthy hair starts with the scalp, you may have already seen your favorite beauty influencers recommend scalp treatments to remove product build-up, unclog pores and nourish the hair from the root. And if you want to reduce hair loss and grow it faster than ever before, several TikTok and Instagram influencers are in agreement that the Inkey List caffeine stimulating scalp treatment can do the job.
Despite costing just $14.99, the treatment is packed with ingredients that will detox your scalp and protect the hair so you notice less of it left behind in your brush and the shower and see more on your head when you look in the mirror.
Simply apply directly to the scalp before bedtime and notice how thicker your hair feels after a few uses.
It works to reduce hair loss by stimulating the scalp and hair follicles, therefore encouraging hair growth and helping to improve hair thickness. 
Containing caffeine powder and a new ingredient called Redensyl, the overnight treatment actively stimulates hair follicles to make hair grow.
Beauty influencers with some of the most gorgeous heads of hair on the planet say that The Inkey List caffeine stimulating scalp treatment is a must in their pre-bedtime routine. These include TikTokker @thehealthyhur and  social media star @Jo_Punzel
TikTokker @thehealthyhur did a get ready for bed with me video where she revealed that the Inkey List scalp treatment was essential
Social media user @jo_punzel has butt-length shiny hair and shared that she saw results after using The Inkey List caffeine scalp treatment
Clinical studies have proven definitively that Redensyl can improve hair growth within 90 days and is sometimes recommended as an alternative to hair transplants.
It works to keep hair in the anagen phase, which is the phase in which hair grows. And while its in the anagen phase, its not in the catagen phase, which is when it falls out.
Less than a quarter  size application directly on the scalp every night and then rubbed in with the fingers has been found to cause hair to grow back within 30 days. 
The Inkey List scalp treatment bottles have a nozzle so you can directly apply it to the scalp for best results
Want more volume as well as length? The Inkey List also offer the caffeine stimulating scalp treatment in a Hair Growth and Volume Duo.
This means it also includes a Peptide Volumizing Hair Treatment. Peptides are chains of amino acids that support proteins naturally found in hair to increase thickness and volume.
Want volume and growth? The Inkey List Hair and Growth Volume Duo contains two hair-growing products for just $26.99
Use as a post wash treatment to make your hair extra thick and swishy all day long.
The average rating for the Peptide Volumizing Treatment, which can also be bought individually for $12.99, is an impressive 4.5 out of 5.
One shopper praised: ‘This product does a great job of giving frizz free hair with a lot of volume, and I personally felt that the effect does last a while. It has also strengthened my hair significantly. ‘
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