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Many people are having problems related to eyesight. Yeah, it sounds common but the problem is not common. Because having eyesight issues in older age is understandable but in teen age, it seems like you might have some unhealthy diet or other genetic disease.
It is the official data which was released by the WHO in the last year that globally, at least 2.2 billion people have a near or distant vision impairment. In at least 1 billion – or almost half – of these cases, vision impairment could have been prevented or has yet to be addressed.
Statistics of Punjab: 
If we talk about Punjab then around some 74.7% people between 45-59 age group and 81.9% in the 60+ age group in Punjab have vision-related problems.Nearly 3% of children younger than 18 years are blind or visually impaired, explained that before wearing glasses or lenses they feel trouble in seeing the objects
Approximately 6.8% of children  who are younger than 18 years in the United States are diagnosed with eye and vision conditions.
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As everyone knows that good food or a good diet always leads to a good life and healthy lifstyle.So always eating green vegetables would keep you healthy and always positive. Know the main causes of eyesight problems. 
Sometimes this issue has come during some injury or if someone has any kind of disorders like diabetes, it affects the whole body.

  • Working In Dim Light For A Long Time:While you are working in the dim light your eyes have to work by keeping extra focus on the words or whatever work you are doing on your screen.
  • Rubbing Eyes Too Much:Rubbing eyes again and again can cause Myopia eyesight disease. While rubbing the eye cornea  which is present in the eye becomes too thin cone shape, whether it should be in round shape.
  • Poor Diet: In the start of the cause I have mentioned that poor diet or unhealthy diet cause this eyesight problems.Good food especially eggs, nuts and seafood are eyes love. We should intake them as much as we can, if we want to improve our eyesight.
  • Smoking:In Movies,it is also that smoking and drinking are injurious to health but still they have put the shots of taking drinkor while smoking. We all know that smoking leads Heart disease and lung cancer but smoking also leads to the problem of weak eyesight.
  • Lack Of Sleep:When a person could not complete his/her usual sleep of 6-8 hours then it can cause the fatigueness and also weakens the memory.Our eyes demand for rest at night. When it could take proper rest then cause eyesight problems.
  • Low Water Consuming:Drinking low water can cause dehydration in your body which causes puffy eyes, red eyes and swollen eyes.For males 15.5 cups of water should consume in a day or for females 11.5 cups of water should consume.
  • People Spend Too Much Time On Screen:Nowadays everyone whether it is adult or child spends their time on phone for different purposes but mostly youth start using phones in the morning and spend their time on smartphones without any purpose.Spending too much time on screens can cause our vision blurry or other medical problems.

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  • Food that we should eat to care the eyes:
  • Nuts & Legumes
  • Seeds 
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Fish
  • Leafy Green Vegetables
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Carrots

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