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The ALLLS  is intended to be used to support the U.S. Army’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) 2.0 for soldiers. The contract will be executed through 2025 and the work will be conducted in Roanoke, Virginia.
SOSSEC, manages the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC) and the Sensors, Communications, and Electronics Consortium (SCEC) through the Other Transaction Authority project life cycle of the U.S. Department of Defense.
Under the contract, Elbit Systems of America will develop multiple prototype cameras for laboratory and field testing and experimentation by its Night Vision team. The ALLLS is a critical component to the U.S. Army’s IVAS 2.0 concept that integrates next-generation situational awareness tools and high-resolution digital sensors to deliver a single operating picture. 
“Innovation is what we do. Our workforce understands that breakthrough innovations require bold ideas and execution. We are committed, company-wide, to developing new capabilities for our customers. We’re excited to focus on the ALLLS project and accomplish the U.S. Army’s needs, while learning new methodologies along the way,” says Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO of Elbit Systems of America. 


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