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Their relationship started slowly, but the bond between Wanda and Vision has been the best in the MCU, and it’s why fans have embraced it with memes.
As the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins to move into Phase 5, fans are yearning to see more of the Scarlet Witch and Vision. While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness presented a grave ending for Wanda, it isn't likely to be the last that fans see of her, since White Vision still wandering the world after WandaVision and the audience didn't actually get any confirmation that she was dead.
Given how their relationship evolved into such a touching and beautiful bond, it's likely that Wanda and Vision's love will continue to be a keystone piece of the MCU. That's why there have been so many memes about the two that fans have created, and they sum them up incredibly well.
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While Vision and Wanda have a truly touching love story, this doesn't mean that it isn't without its faults as it was also full of dark moments too. After all, the tragic events of WandaVision would never have occurred had Thanos not brutally killed Vision while trying to steal the Stone from him.
Despite it happening to Vision, this incident was also one of the worst thing to happen to Wanda. As soon as Vision was dead, she was withdrawn. With few friends and fewer places to go, she found herself desperately trying to restore the good days she had with Vision in Westview. Without his loss, it never would have happened.
To say that Vision was all that Wanda had is an understatement. Both of her parents died when she was young and growing up, she had only her brother to keep her company (and he died trying to save Hawkeye and a little boy from an assault by Ultron).
Losing Vision made a poor life even more horrible, and it's no surprise that it left Wanda furious. After witnessing one of the most violent MCU deaths and after losing Quicksilver, Wanda was truly one of the most traumatized characters in the entire franchise. But before that, Vision was all she had, and Wanda was all the robotic Vision could cling to.
Two of the few redemptive elements of their relationship in the wake of Vision's death were their invented children: Billy and Tommy. The boys were sweet kids, who grew unnaturally fast and loved Wanda and Vision with all their heart, often trying to defend them.
Though Vision was less protective over the boys, he still cared for them like Wanda did. He was simply confused by their unnatural aging but still felt a bond. The two were extraordinary parents, and it's why it hurt so bad when Wanda had to let Vision and both of the kids go.
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The relationship between Wanda and Vision was a love between two weapons of mass destruction. While Vision was a synthezoid with the power to take down the entire technological infrastructure of the world, Wanda has become one of the strongest individuals in the MCU and has the power to rewrite reality on a whim.
Of course, the two never actually meant any harm to the world at large. Though Wanda was willing to risk it all for Vision, she was perfectly happy to help protect the world when she still had him, and Vision was also determined to keep humanity safe. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Wanda hadn't completely got control of her powers, it just went horribly wrong.
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Wanda only chose to target Westview after realizing that she and Vision could have made a life there together. After discovering that Vision had bought a plot in Westview, Wanda was consumed by grief and created the Hex as a result.
Given that Wanda was always happiest when she was watching classic comedy shows or spending time with Vision, it's not surprising that she did everything she could to hold onto her Hex life (even going as far as to kick people out if they didn't conform to her rules). In a way, their relationship was a symbol of normality, one the two could never truly have.
While the two felt a genuine connection, they were also incredibly codependent and to a toxic degree. The fact that they genuinely couldn't live without each other for long marked just how obsessed they became with one another. It wasn't exactly a healthy relationship, and it's why Wanda became obsessed with protecting him.
Yet, after Vision made it clear that he couldn't abide by what Wanda was doing in Westview, she proved how little she cared for his emotional reaction. The only thing that counted was her grief and her loss, and it's why she tried to save him — even after he refused her.
While Wanda was willing to brainwash a town and risk destroying entire realities to keep her family together, she not always quite so cold-hearted. In fact, she was willing to kill Vision just to keep Thanos from destroying half the universe with his snap.
It was one of the most selfless acts in the MCU, as Wanda knew she would never see her Vision again. However, she was then forced to watch his death yet again at Thanos' hand. His sacrifice and her part in it was rendered completely meaningless, which contributed to her poor response in the aftermath.
While Wanda responded to the loss of Vision with violence and a city-wide mind control scheme, Vision deals with conflict in a very particular and rather different way. After all, unlike Wanda, Vision can be summed up as a character who reacts to situations with his head, rather than his heart.
Though he did lash out against White Vision, he tried to use logic and the Ship of Theseus to convince White Vision to stand down, so neither of them would have to die. It showed his logical thought patterns, and showcased just how much he was the thoughtful figure holding back Wanda's worst instincts.
Wanda was determined to restore Vision however way she could, but she was largely distracted from methods she couldn't accomplish herself. After all, despite Wakanda proving a fierce ally to the Avengers in the fight against Thanos, she never actually approached them for a way to help Vision.
After all, Shuri is one of the smartest characters in the MCU and could have easily attempted to bring Vision back. Yet Wanda was determined to get back at the US government by restoring Vision to life by herself, without having to deal with anyone else's input.
Of course, Vision isn't entirely blameless. In What If?, Vision made it perfectly clear that he valued even a zombified version of Wanda over the rest of the world. After all, he was willing to keep her alive and fed, just because he refused to kill his beloved Scarlet Witch.
Considering the damage she was doing as a superpowered zombie, and the risk she posed to the world at large, keeping her alive was incredibly risky and extremely unnecessary. It shows that Wanda wasn't the only one willing to hurt the world to keep someone else safe.
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