GMA’s Michael Strahan reveals ‘stress’ caused him to lose hair and weight after complaining about long work… – The US Sun

GOOD Morning America host Michael Strahan has revealed stress has caused some health concerns in his life.
In a new interview, the 50-year-old has opened up about the struggles he’s faced throughout his career and his personal life.
Appearing as a guest on the All the Smoke podcast last week, Michael got honest about how his divorce from his second wife, Jean Muggli, affected both his health and football career.
The GMA star shared what the final few years on the field were like for him, as he went through marital issues at the same time.
He also opened up about making the transition from sports to TV hosting.
Talking to podcast hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Michael revealed: “When I first got in the league, I came in at 250-something. 
“But then they told me to gain weight, but, back then, they don’t tell you the proper way. So, I was just fast food, pizza, I was like 280.”
It ended up being too much, so he began to lose weight, in order to get down to about 272.
“For years, I was in the 270s,” he said. “Then I went down to the 260s. As I got older, I started gradually losing weight.
Soon, he revealed, the weight loss wasn’t as gradual.
Instead, the TV personality said the pounds came off fairly quickly as he went through a divorce from his ex, Jean.
Michael married his first wife, Wanda Hutchins, in 1992, but they divorced four years later in 1996.
In 1999, he and Jean got hitched, and they then welcomed their twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, in 2004.
Not long after, the couple started to have marital troubles and got divorced in 2006.
After their nasty split, Jean was awarded $15.3million in a settlement and $18k each month in child support.
It all ended up being too much for Michael, and he revealed on the podcast that the chaos of it all led to weight and hair loss.
He shared: “My last three years [in the NFL], I got down to like 247 to 252. 
“Part of it, everybody’s like, ‘Oh, you lost weight. Do you wanna play?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I got divorced.’ 
“That stress, that stress? That stress cost me some weight. And hair. And grays.” 
Trying to look on the bright side, he added: “But it ended up being good ‘cause I needed to lose weight, it prolonged my career.
“…I could run all day. My knees didn’t hurt. My back stopped hurting.”
Soon after his divorce, Michael retired from the league and joined the Fox NFL Sunday pregame show.
From there, he continued his TV career by joining as a co-host of Live!, alongside Kelly Ripa.
In 2016, Michael left to move to Good Morning America full-time.
Recently, he shared that his new gig might be giving him some stress, as well.
In a social media video last week, he complained about his long working hours.
The clip showed Michael walking through his garage to his bar with the caption, “Getting ready to have a drink after a long work week.”
The host was seen walking with swagger as he made his way toward his luxury fleet of cars.
The host then suddenly turned around to leave as he joked, "Then you realize it’s only Tuesday."
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