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MY EYESIGHT MUST be failing me. With all the shootings going on, even if we limit the numbers to Canada and the United States, you would think that there would be a massive outcry for something to be done.
Instead, we stick to the old, time-worn and outdated cliches about gun laws. “We have a right to bear arms- it’s in the Constitution.” Yes, the one from hundreds of years ago that has little bearing on society today.
“Guns don’t kill people, people do”. Most often because they are given the right to bear arms.
So our answer is to give police less power to deal with these crimes. I get it – police have crossed the line way too many times, against the marginalized, Indigenous Peoples and people of colour and ethnic background. But coupled with this pressing need is the need to protect people from gang violence, drive-by shootings and the like.
Residents of Kamloops are worried about recent shootings here. But for those running for office, proclaiming they’re going to fix the problem – don’t be silly. This is not a Kamloops problem, it’s a societal problem. Be part of the discussion – that’s critical, but don’t run on a platform of fixing the crime problem because if that’s your platform, you have no understanding of the problem.
And lastly, do not propose answers like the leaders in New York. A law went into effect Thursday allowing a “gun-free zone” in parts of the City, including Times Square. We’re not going to take away your AK-15 assault rifle. You just can’t fire it in Times Square. To be fair, this took place after some judge made a ruling expanding gun rights.
Can you imagine the gang bangers laughing about that one? If judges continue making these rulings, or unless the Constitution is amended, this farce will continue.
In Canada, we don’t operate quite the same way, but until our mentality changes, we will follow the U.S. like the little puppies we are, and continue to find the same result.
The gang bangers are saying “if that’s the mentality of people we’re up against, we’re home free”. And until we make strides to get rid of the guns, they’re right.
I’m Doug Collins and that’s One Man’s Opinion.

Editor’s Note: This opinion piece reflects the views of its author, and does not necessarily represent the views of CFJC Today or Pattison Media.
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