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This post has been updated since it was originally published on July 16, 2022. 
Everything changes with the passing of time — and that includes your hair. Hair loss, thinning and weaker strands are inevitable signs of aging for many people, but with the right styling techniques and a healthy diet, you can support stronger and shinier tresses. Unfortunately, the opposite also rings true: if you are ignoring your hair’s health or styling it in dated ways that aren’t taking your hair’s length and texture into consideration you could be making one of several everyday styling mistakes that age you.
We checked in with a celebrity and professional hair stylist to learn more about some of the most common, every day styling errors — including the top two — that many women make that could draw more attention to signs of aging in hair. Read on for tips and suggestions.
While a middle part can be a timeless look that frames your facial features and creates symmetry, Ona Diaz-Santin, celebrity hair stylist, curl expert, and owner of 5 Salon & Spa, advises against this if your hair is thinning. This style, she notes, can show more of your scalp if your part is widening, and “make the hair look thinner” than it actually is. “Typically thinning for women is at the top of the head, and parting in the center can expose the thinning area more,” she explains. To prevent this, she suggests adding “movement to hair when styling,” wearing headbands to accessorize, and experimenting with “deep side parts” to make your tresses look fuller, thicker, and more voluminous.
Whether you love mousse, hair spray, wave spray, dry shampoo, etc., if your product of choice has a thick and heavy consistency, Diaz-Santin says this can weigh thinning, aging hair down even more. “Applying thick or heavy products in the hair can clump the hair together and make it appear thinner,” she says. This, too, can “expose the scalp and lack of density.” To avoid this, she suggests only using  “spray stylers, lite foams and hairspray” that are not too thick, and that don’t have a greasy or flattening effect when applied. Ultimately, Diaz-Santin advises when it comes to your mane, “aging hair must be treated with care,” especially in fragile states like when it is wet, or “when combing.” Her other tips include using “heat tools at a minimum” and stocking up on “vitamin D,B12, zinc and collagen,” and seeking a dermatologist, trichologist, or hair expert for more information on your own personal situation.
Sometimes there’s an impulse to overdo it when it comes to hair, especially if you’re trying to achieve a more youthful or modern look. You may decide to pile on every styling technique without considering your own hair’s texture and needs. 
“Each style that you see aging on women has one common factor: they are layered,” says Health and Hygiene Expert Rita Farruggia. “Layers add drama and dimension to your hair, but they also add weight and volume. This added weight will cause your hair to sag, shrink, and age prematurely. Additionally, each style that you see aging on women usually has highlights or highlights in it. Highlights are the first thing to go when your hair starts to thin, so if you want to avoid aging on your hair, steer clear of highlights!”
If you do opt for layers and highlights, chat first with your stylist to determine how much is just right so that these choices add visual appeal while still keeping your ‘do fresh and current.


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