Little League Player Josiah Porter Hits Grand Slam While Legally Blind In One Eye: 'God Had A Big Thing To Do With All of This' – Movieguide

Little League Player Josiah Porter Hits Grand Slam While Legally Blind In One Eye: ‘God Had A Big Thing To Do With All of This’
By Movieguide® Staff
Josiah Porter recently hit a grand slam to keep his Little League team alive in the win-or-go-home World Series.
With two outs and the bases loaded, Porter hit a pitch to center field, giving his team a 4-1 lead. What’s most impressive about Porter’s heroics is that he is legally blind in his right eye.
Porter and his team went on to win the elimination game, 7-1, earning a playoff berth in the United States Championship Game in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
— ESPN (@espn) August 25, 2022

Although Porter is blind in one eye, his parents, Brandon and Dinah, revealed that he relies on his faith in God.
“God had a big thing to do with all of this — keeping our focus on Jesus walking on the water, like Peter walking on the water in the Bible, and being positive,” Brandon told ESPN. “That’s been something for Josiah that’s just so critical to his story. We can’t talk about this story without talking about his faith. Josiah stayed positive. Instead of focusing on the storm, the bad things, what he can’t do, he focuses on what he can do.”
"God had a big thing to do with all of this and keeping our focus on Jesus."
Brandon Porter gives powerful words after his son, Josiah (fully blind in the right eye), hits a grand slam to help Tennessee reach the LLWS U.S. championship.
🎥: @espn
— Sports Spectrum (@Sports_Spectrum) August 26, 2022

Brandon also recalled when Josiah first injured his eye at six after walking into a tool shelf.
“I heard the screams,” Brandon told the Times News. “I will never forget the screams. He was bleeding out of his eye. I got ice on him and put him in the truck. I drove fast. Too fast. He was holding his eye and crying. It was one of the worst days of my life.”
However, the family relied on prayer and continues to do so.
“This was God telling us we couldn’t look at the waves and the storm,” Brandon continued. “If you trust Jesus, He will help you walk above the storm. If we kept looking back, or saying, ‘Josiah won’t be able to do this, and won’t be able to do that,’ that’s looking at the storm. God was telling us to look at Him. This was Josiah’s new situation. It happened. And God is going to do something amazing.”
Despite their circumstances, Brandon, a former pastor, said they would praise God like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3.
“They said God was able to deliver them from the fiery furnace, but even if He didn’t they wouldn’t worship that statue,” he explained. “We knew our God could restore vision to Josiah’s eye, but even if He doesn’t we will worship God and trust He has a plan for Josiah.”
“I can’t tell you how happy and joyful it is to see your child do well,” Brandon said of his son’s success in Little League. “You love them no matter what, for who they are and who God created them to be. But it really is fun to see them do well and celebrate with them.”
For Josiah, walking by faith, not sight, is a tangible reality.
“Josiah doesn’t let this thing define him,” his father said. “He doesn’t like to talk about it because that’s not how he looks at life. It has been amazing. He’s a great young man. He loves God, and he’s sensitive to the problems of other people. He’s in tune when he sees people are hurting or sad. He’s that kind of kid.”
“To see Josiah on this stage and doing so well, it’s such an encouragement and a hope. Even if it seems like your world is crushed for whatever reason, don’t give up,” he added.

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