‘I didn’t give up on Ruby’: Show horse continues to compete after she loses sight from eye infection – WWSB

SPOKANE, Wash. (KLEW) – A show horse in Washington state that went blind due to a severe eye infection continues to compete, her owner says.
Ruby the horse was bred to be a Western pleasure show horse.
However, in 2020 she went blind after a severe eye infection, according to her owner, Amber Hartley.
“It’s like looking through a stained-glass window. Some days, an overcast day, you can kinda see better through it,” she said. “When the sun’s going, you can’t hardly see at all through a stained-glass window.”
At first, Hartley said Ruby would pick up a shadow while riding and she would shy away or move around it. But Hartley’s constant training and hard work helped Ruby work through her disability.
“And not even have to be on her. I could be standing here talking to you and if I saw that she was going to hurt herself, run into the fence with a kid on her or something like that, I could just yell at her and say, ‘Ruby, woah’ and that mare is going to stop dead in her tracks,” Hartley said. “Ninety percent of anyone who can ride a horse can ride her even though she’s blind.”
Hartley said she got Ruby at two and a half years old while stationed in New York.
After serving in the Army, Hartley and Ruby moved to Clarkston, Washington.
Hartley said eyesight is everything in the sport, and a lot of time and money is invested in training for competitions. But even when Ruby’s eyesight started to fade, Hartley said her drive didn’t.
“I didn’t give up on Ruby because she didn’t tell me it was time,” Hartley said. “Whatever keeps her happy, that’s what we do.”
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