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WB supposedly regrets ever fracturing the DC movie fanbase with the Snyder Cut, meaning that an Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad is out of the question.
Zack Snyder's Justice League was the result of a massive fan outcry for a version of the failed DC Extended Universe movie that was more in line with the original director's vision. Thus, it meant revisiting the way in which Snyder had previously handled DC's iconic heroes, for better or worse. The fallout was a renewed campaign: not to see the movie released, like the first time, but to demand that DC and Warner Bros. "restore the Snyderverse."
Now, it would seem that the studio regrets ever releasing the so-called "Snyder Cut" on HBO Max. That spells doom for similar fan campaigns, namely the similarly desired "Ayer Cut" of 2016's Suicide Squad. With WB leadership apprehensive of fan demands, it's unlikely the studio will go out of its way to appease them again.
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Much like the Justice League movie that came after it, 2016's Suicide Squad was the victim of studio interference. That mainly stemmed from the successes of other superhero movies and the critical failure and controversy of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to director David Ayer, this meant that the studio took what he had made so far and utterly eviscerated it, hoping to Frankenstein together a film that would be more beloved by audiences. That meant that much of what was originally shot by Ayer got left on the cutting room floor, all while he had to hastily shoot new sequences written by Geoff Johns in an attempt to add more quirky comedy to the film.
It was similar to what happened with Justice League, with many wondering if something closer to what Snyder intended, or at least something better than the theatrical version of the film, existed in Warner Bros.' vault. That was confirmed to be the case, with fan demands on social media culminating in the 4-hour cut being available to stream on HBO Max. Unfortunately, despite the movie being better received than Joss Whedon's version, it rubbed Warner Bros. the wrong way.
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With the successful release of Zack Snyder's Justice League, many fans of the director's take on the DC Universe have been clamoring for him to continue his cinematic vision. That would mean continuing the trilogy of stories that Snyder intended with the other tentative Justice League movies, which likely contradicts the direction that WB plans on taking things in. With these opposing visions, Snyder fans and WB heads are increasingly at odds, with many of the former rejecting some of the lighter fare in the DCEU since Snyder's original exit.
Warner Bros.' leadership supposedly regrets ever releasing the Snyder Cut, likely due to its further fracturing the already disparate fanbase of the DC movies. Even for those somewhat critical of Zack Snyder's DCEU, many admitted that his Justice League was much better, pointing an accusatory finger at WB for butchering the theatrical version with a cheap Avengers wannabe. If an Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad receives a similarly better reception, it would only cement in many fans' eyes that WB before Walter Hamada's regime was particularly incompetent.
Likewise, many will see the DCEU as a missed opportunity, perhaps becoming even more pessimistic about the shared universe's current development. After all, much of the reason for the box office failure of 2021's otherwise acclaimed The Suicide Squad can be laid at the feet of the first movie's reception. But if a superior version of Suicide Squad saw the light of day, it could've laid the path for Zack Snyder's Justice League being the theatrical edition and The Suicide Squad being a financially successful sequel. However, given how WB currently feels about Snyder's film — to the point of outright ignoring its existence — Ayer's will likely never be released.
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