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TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is known for making statements with blatant lies on his politics. He never minds in making tall claims about his vision and his policies, despite people laughing at him.
The latest is that the TDP would go for any alliance only in the larger interests of the state and not his party and his leadership alone!
He said his party had always aligned with any party only to develop the state and protect the interests of the people.
Even if the TDP goes for alliance for the 2024 general elections, it would be only in the interests of Andhra Pradesh and not TDP alone!
This was what Chandrababu Naidu said during his speech at the party’s general body meeting held on Friday. 
Chandrababu Naidu had tied-up with all the political parties that exist in Andhra Pradesh, except the YSR Congress. 
He had aligned with the two Communist parties in the past. He also aligned with the TRS before the bifurcation. 
Chandrababu Naidu had forged alliance with the BJP for two elections and with the Jana Sena for one election. 
Above all, he had aligned with the Congress in the 2019 general elections and toured extensively in the country campaigning against the BJP. 
He claims that all these alliances were made only in the larger interests of the state and the people and he wants people to believe him. 
The irony is that Chandrababu Naidu is desperately working to restore the ties with the BJP and is using every source to convince the BJP leadership. 
However, he claimed that he will think of alliance only in the interests of the State and he wants people to believe him!
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