Eyesight warning: Sweet treat loved by the nation can prove 'devastating' for your vision – Express

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Many of us enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. However, it is well known that “excessive” amounts of sugar can lead to health complications. In fact, the Optometrists Network says it has “been linked to several serious eye conditions and diseases”.
It explains: “Although sweet treats may look appealing, they can have a devastating and long-lasting impact on the eyes and vision.
“High blood sugar levels are a strong risk factor resulting in several sight-threatening eye diseases.
“If you have been having issues with your blood sugar levels contact an eye doctor near you to discuss the best options to maintain your clear and comfortable vision.”
The eye specialists list four eye conditions that are linked to high blood sugar levels and consuming too much sugar.

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Diabetic retinopathy occurs when sugar in the blood damages the tiny blood vessels in the retina, causing bleeding and scarring inside the eye.
A complication of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, it can result in vision loss if not dealt with.
But it can be prevented, or the damage can be kept to a minimum, if the patient gets their blood sugar levels under control, exercises, and regularly visits their optician.

When high blood sugar and insulin levels cause blood vessels in the eyes to narrow, this creates a build-up of fluid that isn’t able to properly drain – ultimately resulting in glaucoma.
The fluid build-up raises inner eye pressure, which then leads to optic nerve damage.
Unfortunately 90 percent of people won’t show early symptoms or warning signs of glaucoma, which means they won’t realise their eyesight is being damaged until it is too late.
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Natural lenses mean your eyes are able to focus light on the retina.
If you have healthy eyes, the lenses will be clear but when someone has cataracts the lens is cloudy, which makes it hard for the eye to focus light.
High blood sugar levels can cause the lens to swell, raising the risk of developing cataracts.

Eye test
This happens when the macula, which is the central part of the retina, deteriorates.
This makes it hard to do everyday activities such as driving, reading and watching TV.
Research has shown a link between a high sugar/carbohydrate diet with AMD in its earlier and more progressive stages.

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