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Like almost all first-time parents actor Rocco Nacino and volleyball star player Melissa Gohing-Nacino are both nervous and excited to welcome their first child.

In the midst of pregnancy, the celebrity couple launched a line of products for mothers. INSTAGRAM PHOTO

In the midst of pregnancy, the celebrity couple launched a line of products for mothers. INSTAGRAM PHOTO

This despite their preparation for the arrival of their baby and Nacino's advantage as a Registered Nurse. Before joining show business, the multi-faceted actor was in fact assigned to delivery rooms and took care of moms and newborns.
“I think no dad will ever be ready. I've ready so much stuff, seen so many videos and I have experienced handling mommies and babies but I can definitely say no one can be so ready,” Nacino admitted in a virtual media roundtable.
Nevertheless, the 35-year-old actor still tries to educate himself as much as possible to support his wife in this physically and mentally challenging stage of her life.
“I had rough first trimester but after that, it was already smooth sailing. The challenge now is the weight of my tummy. But physical activities like Pilates have been very helpful. Rocco is taking some with me, I'm glad I have a very supportive husband,” Gohing shared.
The 30-year-old athlete also recalled a time she was put in strict orders during her first trimester to have total bedrest.
“I had a difficult time doing that because I was such an outgoing person, I would really love to go out and explore. Rocco saw how it affected me and one day, he really went out of his way to find a wheelchair and take me to Ikea so I could somehow go out of the house without moving too much,” Gohing excitedly recalled.
“It was a small gesture but it really meant a lot to me,” she added.
As for the proud husband, he said his sacrifices at this stage of Gohing's pregnancy — that is taking care of her and preparing for the arrival of the baby while still working full time as an actor — is paying off.
“Mel and the baby are healthy and as you can see, Mel is glowing!” he enthused.
With these much preparation, it took their followers by surprise how the couple could boldly enter a new business together.
Yes, Nacino and Gohing, in the midst of pregnancy, have launched Mama Luna, a line of products for mothers. This was done in partnership with Orabella Direct Selling Inc.
The line currently offers Phytosense Conditioning Shampoo, Phytosense Bath Gel and Phytosense Body Lotion.
“This is our new baby — we saw the need for moms to have access to these kinds of products,” Nacino noted.
“When I handled the the pedia ward, I saw what mommies went through. A lot would tell me that they don't feel confident in their skin and I used that experience plus Mel's current experience to come out with these products,” he added.
“We wanna make sure our products will be safe, high quality but affordable. These will help moms with some of their body concerns such as hair loss and discoloration or changes in their skin. We're very proud of this baby because it's locally made and FDA approved, plus the packaging is BPA-free and biodegradable,” Gohing shared in full detail.
Finally asked what made them decide to release now while they are also waiting for the arrival of their firstborn, the couple felt it couldn't have come in the most perfect timing.
“We wanted to act on it while the idea was still fresh, strike while the iron is hot. It will be the perfect time to relate to the people,” Nacino said.
“And we want to grow with our brand. As we welcome our baby, we also want to grow the line with more products for the whole family,” Gohing finally said.
Orabella's Mama Luna products are available among distributors and resellers as well as online via Lazada and Shopee.


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