Homes desperately needed for guide dogs in training – 1News

Blind Low Vision NZ is searching for volunteers to look after puppies that have been bred to be guide dogs.

The puppies are assigned to puppy raisers before they receive formal training to act as guide dogs.

"This is the critical socialisation period for a dog," said Rochelle Corrigan, the charity's Puppy Placement and Development Manager.

However, the cost of living crisis has resulted in a large number of puppies without volunteers to look after them.

Blind Low Vision NZ is on the hunt for around 40 homes.

Corrigan says the charity supports the volunteers throughout the process.

"We are very involved and support people 100%.

"We've got so much invested in these guys – they go on to such important lives that we give it our all."

Click here to learn more about being a guide dog puppy raiser.
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